Sonic Soak - Why US Students Have Adopted This Tiny Washing Machine?

Sonic Soak - Why US Students Have Adopted This Tiny Washing Machine?

If you’re a college student, you already know how difficult it is to manage studies and your chores responsibly. It can be hard to cram for your exams, enjoy your student life and keep your dorm or apartment clean at the same time. This is the reason why more and more students in the US are opting for mini washing machines to save their time as well as money.

Undoubtedly, Sonic Soak is one of the best ultrasonic tiny washing machines. Not only is it portable, but it is also very versatile and eco-friendly. So if you want to save money on water and electricity bills, Sonic Soak can be the answer to all your problems. Before we keep rambling on, let’s take a deeper look into this tiny washing machine’s multiple features.

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Why US students love Sonic Soak?

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Based in Los Angeles, the US, Sonic Soak was founded in 2016 to change the world with ultrasonic technology. They want to revolutionize daily time-taking tasks and make people’s life healthier and easier.

Listed below are some of its game-changing features. 

1. You can use Sonic Soak to clean everything!

Since a student’s life is quite busy and exhausting, they are always looking for short-cuts and easier ways to do their work. In between going to classes, studying for exams, working at a part-time job, and catching up on their sleep, they tend to have less time for maintaining hygiene or doing their laundry. Fortunately, Sonic Soak is the best short-cut for all cleaning tasks at the dorm or apartment.

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While most cleaners are only limited to washing laundry, this ultrasonic cleaner has been manufactured to handle various household items. To start with, it is the best alternative to large laundry machines. Sonic Soak cleans out dirt, stains, and even germs at a microscopic level. It washes your clothes gently, making sure not to cause any wear in them. Such that, you can clean your delicate clothes without worrying.

Apart from laundry, sonic soak is suitable for washing food items like vegetables and fruits too. So if you are a health-freak who wants to eat only hygienic food, this ultrasonic cleaner will be your best pal. Besides this, it is quite safe to clean kitchen utensils, decorative items, jewelry, and classes with the ultrasonic cleaner too. Its versatility has made it an excellent multitasking machine. 

2. Sonic Soak is the most eco-friendly washing machine

There has been an increase in the trend to invest and opt for eco-friendly products. Most students realize how fast our natural resources are depleting and want to save the Earth little by little. This is where our ultrasonic mini washing machine comes in again. Its revolutionary technology makes it very energy-efficient, reducing your water and electricity consumption.

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Sonic soak allows you to save up to more than 3300 gallons of water every year, which is otherwise wasted in washing clothes in standard washing machines. Using only a container with a small amount of water to just dip your clothes, this machine uses its ultrasonic high-frequency waves to wash your clothes efficiently. Such that, it uses 40 times less water than larger washers.

Along with this, the tiny washing machine operates on 120V and 50W, using 15 times less energy. The cleaner’s energy-efficient feature is one of its key appeals to students and small families alike.

3. You can bring it everywhere 

Students are always on the move. One second they will be working hard on their final projects, and the next, they will be packing for a spring trip. And why won’t they? After working so hard each year, they deserve to relax for a few weeks with their friends. However, at this time, it becomes a struggle to pack all the right clothes and not over-pack as well.

Sonic Soak can be the answer to all the problems. It is quite small, measuring only a few inches, and light-weight, allowing you to pack it into a travel pouch in your luggage. Thus, you can clean your clothes on-the-go without going through the trouble of finding an inexpensive Laundromat. If this was not enough, you can even sanitize your food items and utensils at a camp as well.

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Not only can this mini washing machine fit in your bag, but it will allow you to hike long steep hills without worry. There is no need to even pay extra at the airport by going over the weight limit.

4. Save time for the most important stuff:

As mentioned previously, students lead a busy life. They don’t even get much time to de-stress, so how can you expect them to find time to do all their chores? When exam season sets in, laundry tends to take a backseat. However, Sonic Soak can allow you to do both with its time-efficient features. It deals with tedious chores like washing clothes, dishes, or utensils, in a matter of minutes.

This tiny washing machine can save your precious time and use it instead, to study or relax. You simply have to put the small cleaner into the sink or a tub full of water, add your clothes or dishes, set the timer, and let Sonic Soak clean for you.

Meanwhile, you could do other chores, cook, or even hang out with your friends at a party. Overall, this ultrasonic cleaner has been designed to let you be a student by minimizing tiresome tasks.

5. Sonic Soak allows you to live healthier

To score well in exams, keep up with their grades, and strive for success, students have to take care of their health. If their health suffers, so will their effort in college. Who wants to waste months of preparation by contracting a bad infection just days before their exams?

Even if you’re eating home-made food, fruits and vegetables could be home to pesticides and various bacteria. These fertilizers and chemicals may help to grow your food, but they are detrimental to your health. This is where Sonic Soak comes in. Fortunately, this ultrasonic cleaner can remove 99% of the germs and all of the chemicals from your food.

By sending ultrasonic waves at a very high-frequency of 50000Hz, Sonic Soak can clean germs, dirt, and stains at a microscopic level. Thus, you can sanitize all your clothes, food items, utensils, and even jewelry. By maintaining hygiene in every aspect of your life, you can remain healthy and stay on top of your game. 

6. Save more space in your student accommodation

Everyone knows how utterly small college dorms are. And even if students decide to rent apartments, they can only find small condos in their limited budget. Sometimes, these students even have to share their apartment with other roommates to pay the rent on time. Therefore, they end up with a small space to call their own. So how will they fit a whole washing machine in their room?

In such instances, Sonic Soak deserves its title of a mini washing machine. It is so small that it can even be stored in your drawer with other utilities. However, don’t get fooled by its small size. It can easily give competition to most standard washing machines. So what are the benefits of its size?

Apart from making it portable, Sonic Soak is a perfect fit for small dorms and apartments. Thus, they are well-suited in a student’s daily life. With its compact yet powerful operation, they can use it to clean their utilities in no time without taking up much space. Moreover, it will save the students from taking multiple trips to a nearby Laundromat to wash their clothes. 

7. Sonic Soak won’t leave you broke 

Knowing how students are living on a tight budget, it is not a wonder that they try to save up at every place they can. Juggling class, homework, projects, and then a part-time job can be exhausting. What’s worse? They are much underpaid. Sonic Soak can be one of the most profitable investments for them.

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It might seem a little expensive at first for students, but when you count in all the trips to the expensive Laundromat or your building’s laundry service, it will surely profit you. Besides this, its energy-efficient features help you to save quite a lot on your electricity and water bills.

8. It is probably the quietest laundry machine

Isn’t it quite annoying when appliances make so much noise that it ends up giving you a massive headache? Nobody wants to ruin their day when they have more chores to do or, in the case of students, studying to catch-up on. Unlike standard washers, Sonic Soak won’t give you this trouble at all.

This tiny washing machine cleans all the clothes without making any noise at all. But what’s so special about Sonic Soak? Well, the answer is in its name. The ultrasonic technology offers noiseless operation during use.

Thus, you can just put your cleaner in the container of laundry and concentrate on your projects at the same time. Or, you could catch-up on your much-needed sleep while the machine works for you. With this convenient feature, you can say adios to all the frustrating racket from standard machinery.


Since college students are prone to drowning under responsibilities, they need all the help they can get. Sonic Soak allows them to maintain hygiene by eating healthy, pay lesser bills, and save time while doing laundry. This tiny washing machine has multiple features bundled into a small size at a reasonable price.

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