The most powerful household cleaner ever

5 Reasons This Ultrasonic Cleaner Reduces the Spread of Germs at Home

If you're looking for a powerful device that can remove stubborn stains and clean delicate household items, look no further than Sonic Soak! Families are using this portable ultrasonic cleaner to save energy & water, whilst getting a deeper, more efficient & precise clean.

Here's why.



This ground-breaking cleaning innovation brings powerful ultrasonic technology to your fingertips. It's more precise and consumes less energy than traditional washing machines.


Brings the Power of Industrial Grade Ultrasonic Cleaning to Your Fingertips

Sonic Soak's power is unrivalled. it creates high-frequency & intensity sound waves, generating a stunning 50,000 ultrasonic vibrations per second to activate liquid.

Through a scientific process known as cavitation that generates a small microscopic bubble army. These bubbles implode with pressure and destroys dirt, bacteria and grime directly at its source!

Because of its high cleaning efficacy, ultrasonic cleaning is often used for industrial cleaning of precise instruments like jewelry, lenses & surgical equipment. Now you get to bring it to your home!

Prevents The Spread of Germs In Your Home, Killing Up to 99.9% of Bacteria On Household Items

In these uncertain times, safety for your family is everything! This ground-breaking cleaning innovation is the perfect device to delight even the fussiest of clean freaks.

It's gentler than hand washing and perfect for your precious and delicate items.

Helps You Save Water & Energy, Providing a More Efficient Cleaning Than Traditional Machines

Sonic Soak uses 40x less water and 15x less energy than standard washing machines. It's also much more precise and can help remove stubborn stains or dirt trapped in corners of your items.

Cleans Almost Anything In Your Home

Since Sonic Soak uses ultrasonic waves in a solvent for effective cleaning, it's the only device that can clean virtually anything that fits into a container of water.

Just submerge your item, place the cleaning head in, set the timer and you're good to go!

Simple & Easy to Use, Just Plug-In & Play.

We designed Sonic Soak to be really intuitive and easy to use. It consists of two main parts - the cleaning head and the control unit.

In 4 easy steps, you can start to clean any small to medium sized object in your house! It's easy to use, just plug in and let the device do its magic 😎

Don't Leave Safety to Chance

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What Is Ultrasonic Cleaning?

For a long time, ultrasonic cleaning was a technology only available for large manufacturers to completely remove all traces of contamination from industrial machinery & equipment.

It uses high-frequency sound-waves to agitate the liquid through a complex process called Cavitation.

Cavitation? What's That?


Ultrasonic waves clean so effectively because they directly attack dirt & bacteria sources on a molecular level.

Although it sounds technical, the process is actually pretty simple:

Object to be clean is submerged in a solvent (like water)

High frequency pressure waves are applied to agitate the liquid

Sonic energy creates a void ("cavity") which gets trapped as a bubble

The microscopic bubbles implode with large force which dislodges contaminants stuck to the surfaces


Adapted for Home Use


After countless of hours & money spent on testing, our researchers managed to develop a precise method that condenses the power of large industrial cleaning machines - into a small compact device that's perfect for cleaning household items!

This ground-breaking cleaning innovation brings powerful ultrasonic technology to your fingertips.

It's more precise and consumes less energy than traditional washing machines.


Eliminates dirt with 99.9% efficiency - the deepest clean in the market


Clean efficiently without the noise - so silent you can sleep through the sound


Ultrasonic waves are actually super gentle - perfect for delicate items!


Uses 40x less water and 15x less energy than standard washing machines


Powered with the latest ultrasonic technology to ensure deep cleaning. We've taken all the good stuff and combined it into one powerful mini-device.

Dirt, grim and bacteria stand no chance at 50,000 vibrations per second.


This portable cleaning device is designed to fit perfectly into any travelling bag. Weighing only 0.25 lb (113g), you can take it with you anywhere you go for all your home, work and travel needs.


Sonic Soak's cleaning efficiency is unparalleled. It provides a deep clean that destroys 99.9% of bacteria and is more environmentally friendly at the same time.

The device uses 40x less water and 15x less energy than traditional washing machines, meaning more to go around the earth - and lesser bills.

Portable & Lightweight

Bring Sonic Soak with you wherever you go! Whether its for a business trip, a family camping trip, or going on holiday, Sonic Soak is the number one portable cleaning device that takes care of your cleaning needs.

Robert C. (VERIFIED BUYER) November 12, 2021
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Wow, best in the market!
My wife's earrings got stuck in the mud during our last vacation to west africa. We tried all we could to remove the muds from the tiny spaces but couldnt do that. When we got back home I used this Sonic Soak and it unbeleivably wiped all the dirts in the tiny places out. My wife is happier to get her expensive earrings back on track!

Ric L. (VERIFIED BUYER) Feb 19, 2019
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Very Useful
My two Sonic Soaks have arrived. I tried them in the large kitchen sink with dirty crockery and they worked (objects can not be stacked too much: very dirty cookware is best done one at a time). Perfect for my motorhome!

Veronica C. (VERIFIED BUYER) Feb 2, 2021
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Little Workhorse
I was looking for something that can help me with my laundries before living for Africa last month and then I came across this product. I doubted it functions in the first place but to my greatest surprise the results were excellent and pretty good with clothes. If the stains proofs stubborn add some detergents and watch the magic.

James Slok (VERIFIED BUYER) Jan 21, 2021
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Well made and works great!
The hard part was finding a good cleaner. I came across this portable ultrasonic cleaner and started using it for cleaning small parts. The result I got was unexpected. The parts came out clean and shining. Also, I thought the device would be affected by the parts, but there was no scratch or damage. It is indeed durable.

Vincent H. (VERIFIED BUYER) Jun 21, 2020
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Powerful and quiet
Since its powered by ultrasonic you can't hear much when its active and cleaning. But it does a powerful job at removing all kinds of stuff. Love using it to clean my grapes and berries

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