Ultrasonic Cleaner: Is It A Better Alternative For Big Laundry Machines?

Ultrasonic Cleaner: Is It A Better Alternative For Big Laundry Machines?

Don’t you like spending time doing your laundry? – Nope, and I think that we are all the same!

Unfortunately, this is something we’all have to do if we want to keep our clothes clean. The laundry machine is the most common option for doing laundry, but there are many alternatives to those big laundry machines you have in your home. What are they?

Ultrasonic cleaners like Sonic Soak are becoming more and more popular for laundry. Indeed, they are one of the alternatives that can provide high-quality cleaning to your clothing. How are they better?Read further for more helpful information!


Why Are Ultrasonic Cleaners Becoming So Popular For Laundry?

Most of the research conducted about the effectiveness of ultrasonic energy in washing and cleaning clothes has proven that ultrasonic machines can remove stains and dirt from textiles effectively, but this isn't the main reason why we're all raving about the tiny washing machine. 

Ultrasonic cleaners are extremely good for the environment and for our bills as it requires less water and electricity. Moreover, doing laundry with an ultrasonic clothes washer is super fast! It took only a few minutes to wash your clothes, which means that you more time for yourself. 

Leaving in a small apartment? You should definitely get one! Ultrasonic cleaners like Sonic Soak are mini and portable, which allows you to travel with them. How convenient? 

Does An Ultrasonic Cleaner Do What Laundry Machines Do?

What does a laundry machine do?

It is a household appliance that washes clothes by sloshing your clothes in water and soap and spins fast to remove the water, separating dirt from the clothes. Basically, it spins, washes your clothes, removes dirt, and rinses your clothes. But what does the ultrasonic machine do? It also washes and clean laundry but in a more efficient way.

Apart from removing dirt and stains from textiles, ultrasonic cleaners can remove contaminants such as bacteria from your clothes. No doubt, when we wear clothes, there is a greater chance that we have germs on our clothes because we all have bacteria on our skin surface. Even though the bacteria can sometimes be harmless, they can result in infection.

 Laundry machines remove dirt from your clothing, and ultrasonic cleaners do the same thing, but they also remove contaminants and kill bacteria.    

Using an ultrasonic cleaner help to wash, clean, and destroy bacteria on your clothes. Interestingly, killing the bacteria is not done by the aid of a chemical reaction like other washing machines do. An ultrasonic machine employs a physical mechanism to eliminate the bacteria.

Ultrasonic Cleaners vs. Laundry Machines

Knowing that both machines perform almost the same task, are there any differences? Sure, the ultrasonic washing machines have some advantages over the regular laundry machines. Below are the comparisons of the two.


Comparable factors

Laundry Machines

Ultrasonic cleaners

Energy requirement

A regular washing machine uses a great amount of energy in one cycle. It can contribute to a high energy bill in your home.

On the other hand, most of the ultrasonic portable washing machine uses about 20 times less energy. With this, you can save more on your electricity bills.


Water requirement

If you want to wash one load of laundry in a standard washing machine, you will require about 40 gallons of water. This could be a waste of time, extremely wasteful, and expensive.

Washing with an ultrasonic cleaner can help reduce the amount of water you use for washing your clothes. It means if you use less than 40 gallons of water for laundry, you won’t have to pay additional charges for your monthly water bills.

Cleaning effects

Throwing your laundry in a washing machine might harm them by causing tears and wears in the long run.

 An ultrasonic cleaning machine cleans your garment at the microscopic scale without resulting in wears and tears.

Sound or noise

When using a laundry machine to wash your cloth, you would have noticed noises that result from clicking, squeaking, swooshing, and occasional bang or thumb.

 An ultrasonic cleaner is completely quiet and doesn’t make any sound. This makes it a better option when you want to wash your laundry while other people in the house are in bed or taking a nap. Of course, if you know how disturbing the sounds produced by most washing machines are, you will know what I am talking about.

Wash intensity

It is true that most of the laundry machines made available these days have a knob or button that allows you to switch between gentle, normal, and strong washing intensity. So if you want to wash very dirty clothing with strong stains and dirt, you will need to switch to strong in other to remove all the stubborn dirt

An ultrasonic cleaning machine removes both the easy to remove stains and stubborn stains or dirt gently. You won’t have to worry about damaging your lingerie, silk, cashmere, and other delicate clothes while trying to remove stains and dirt using an ultrasonic cleaner. 


Washing machines are basically for washing and cleaning laundries such as backpacks, shoes, and clothes. This means there are limitations to the task a washing machine can perform.

 You can use an ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean a great number of items. Apart from getting your laundry done, you can use an ultrasonic cleaner to wash and clean your jewelry, vegetables, fruits, meats, fish, glasses, kid toys, baby products, personal accessories, kitchen wares and more. It is a multi-task machine that can do almost all the washing and cleaning tasks in your home.

 Other comparable factors include:

  • Flexibility - What would you prefer to take with you when going on a trip? A laundry machine or a portable ultrasonic machine for washing your clothes? Of course, no one would go for a laundry machine. There are smaller ultrasonic cleaners such as the Sonic Soak that only measures a few inches, which are perfect for taking with you while traveling.
  • Ease of use – Unlike the regular laundry machines, you don’t need to read manuals always before you use an ultrasonic washing machine. Put water, the clothes, and the portable ultrasonic cleaner together in zinc or bowl and then watch the machine does its job. Additionally, the device does not take much time to get the job done when compared to a laundry machine that might require much time to remove stains and dirt.

Why Is An Ultrasonic Cleaner A Better Alternative?

From the comparison above, it is obvious that there are lots of reasons why ultrasonic cleaning machines are better than big laundry machines:

  1. It is easy to use, operate and most time comes without the need for installation

  2. Ultrasonic cleaners especially portable ultrasonic machines can be taken with you anywhere you go. Put it in your luggage and go. It is as easy as that. Or can you put a laundry machine inside your traveling bag?

  3. Ultrasonic cleaning machines have different applications. They are not limited to washing and cleaning laundries.

  4. It can help you save more on water and energy bills.

  5. Ultrasonic cleaners go gentle on your clothes to reduce or prevent tears and wears.

  6. Using an ultrasonic cleaning machine will not disturb your friend or loved ones while sleeping because it operates silently.

  7. It requires little time to get the job done even if the dirt proves difficult to remove

Sonic Soak Ultrasonic Cleaner

Sonik Soak is  one of the most efficient washing machines you can find on online it doesn’t require detergent, which is quite nice while traveling and backpacking. Sonic Soak delicately wash your items adequately and not taking a long time. It uses microscopic cavitation bubbles that travel in water to clean your garments down to the tinniest thread strand.

How to Use an Ultrasonic Cleaner for Laundry

Ultrasonic cleaning machines come in different models and sizes. You can get a portable ultrasonic cleaner or bigger size. The exact mode of operation varies from one model to the other. However, most of the available models of ultrasonic cleaners have the same operating instructions. Below are the general modes of use:

Step one: Pour enough water inside the ultrasonic cleaning machine tank and add a cleaning solution. In case you are using a portable washing machine like a Sonic Soak, all you need is a pour the water and detergent in a bowl or sink. 

Step two: Plug the ultrasonic cleaner in the wall unit, press start to switch it and let the device heat up. When you notice the cleaner has warmed up, put the fabrics inside the basket that comes with the device and place it inside the tank and close the lid. You might not need to put inside a basket if you are using the portable model of the machine.

Step three: Allow the cleaning cycle to complete and wait for five minutes before you remove the clothes from the tank, sink, or bowl. Rinse the fabrics and spread them to dry.

Precautions in the Use of an Ultrasonic Washing Machine for Laundry

Even though the ultrasonic cleaner is easy to use, some precautions will help you get the most out of the machines:

  • Avoid using bleach or cleaning solution having bleach products in it. This can create a dangerous condition or damage the tank of your ultrasonic cleaning machine.

  • Make sure you fill the tank or sink with water before plugging the machine. This way, you can prevent or avoid an electrical hazard.

In Summary

With its ease of operation, wide application, quiet operation, eco-friendly feature, deep cleaning, and more, the ultrasonic cleaner is a better alternative to big laundry machines. Oh! Lest I forget, you should know that the best ultrasonic washing machine does the job better. So, go for the best machines on the market.









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