Ultimate Lazy Girl Laundry Hacks Everyone Should Know

Ultimate Lazy Girl Laundry Hacks Everyone Should Know

Hey lazies! How do you enjoy your laundry days?I know you love them!

It’s finally your day off, you could be having some nice unwinding moments or hanging out with friends but no, you have do your laundry!

Well, kick back and relax because you’re in luck today, I’ve gathered all my little secrets to make your laundry hassle free!

1. Dry Your Delicates Much Faster Without Heat Using Salad Spinner

This cleaning hack may sound absurd, but it works well for delicates like bras, lingerie, cashmere, and more. Naturally, heat drying causes clothes to wear out faster. So think of what can happen to your delicates when you use heat. Things might end up pretty bad!

Instead of using heat or waiting hours for your delicates to dry, you can make use of salad spinner to reduce the drying time. Put your delicate in the strainer basket, activate the salad spinner, and let it run for about 25 seconds, stop the spinner, and remove your delicate. With these simple steps, you are good to go!

2. Ultimate Laundry Hack! Ditch The Big Time-Consuming Machine For Sonic Soak

You use many hours washing your clothes with the big washing machine in your home but still end up having some dirt and stain on your clothing. Oh! How disappointing. Switching to an ultrasonic washing machine such as Sonic Soak may the lazy girl laundry hack you need to reclaim the extra time it takes to do your laundry with big washing machines.

Known as the smallest washing machine, the tool cleans deeper than anything else. While you are watching your favorite Netflix show, this ultrasonic cleaner will be getting rid of bacteria, stain, germ, dirt, and other contaminants. All these will be done within minutes!

Shall I mention that with Sonic Soak you won't just save time but energy and money? Oh yeah, Sonic Soak will help you crush this nasty laundry!  

3. Tired Of Looking For Your Socks When Dressing Up? – Use A Lingerie Bag!

Yeah, I know this may sound silly to you, but you know what? This laundry cleaning hack works.

For example, I woke up one day, had my bath, and while getting dressed for work, I found out that one of my socks was missing. I almost got late for work, and it was overwhelming looking for it everywhere in the house. Then when I was coming from work, I bought a lingerie bag and started using it to keep all my socks in one place. Guess what? This lazy girl laundry hack actually works wonder for me. So, you should try it too!

4. Use Baby Powder, Chalk or Alcohol to Remove Grease and Ink Stains

I know stains are definitely a pain. You came back from work or school and noticed you had got a grease or ink stain on your favorite shirt? Relax; I have a simple tip that can help remove those annoying stains.

For grease stains, rub a baby powder or chalk on the stain and leave overnight. Either product should soak the grease by the time you wake up in the morning. Then rinse and dry. No scrubbing, big laundry machine, or special detergent is required – cool, right?

For ink stain, use a cotton swab to apply alcohol on the stain and rub well until the stain is gone. If you can’t get hands-on alcohol, use hairspray.

5. Hand-Washing Your Bras Take Your Time! Make Use of Protective Bags

Laundry experts and lingerie experts will always tell you that you must wash your bras with hand because they are delicate and you can ruin them using a washing machine. But do you have all the time in the world to hand-wash? Yeah! I know you have the entire season of Netflix to catch up with and dates to go. It’s just life! If you must chuck your bras in the laundry machine, there is a lazy girl laundry hack that will help you do it the right way.

Some special protective bags can help you prevent the straps and hooks of your bras from snagging on other garments or getting tangled during spin cycles and wash. Lest I forget, there is an ultrasonic washing machine known as Sonic Soak you can use instead of the big laundry machine. This is one of the amazing washing machines you will love to have and use. The Ultrasonic cleaner is gentler than hand-wash and much gentler than your laundry machine. It can be a perfect way to wash your delicates.

6. Evict Clothes you Don’t Wear and Make Room for New Stuffs

I call this laundry hack for the lazy girl, clothes de-cluttering hack. This is like an anti-cleaning, and it is not for the faint-hearted. But it is worth trying because it works for me. When I check my drawers and closets, I realized there are some clothes I hardly wear. It is not because they don’t look good, but I just pass over them either consciously or unconsciously. Most people do it, and you may not be excluded.

It means you need to make room for new stuff. To do this, you need to get rid of the clothes you don’t wear and won’t ever choose to wear. Oh no, clothing for certain events or seasons is not included. After purging some clothes you won’t wear, you can then arrange the clothes you do wear in the closet and drawer. This lazy girl laundry hack will definitely help if you find too much stuff in your closet tiring.

7. Dryer Trick for Wrinkled Clothes

We are all guilty of leaving our clothes in the dryer for a long time and getting them wrinkled mess. If you don’t want to undergo the stress of ironing your clothes, there is an easy laundry hack to save yourself the hassle.

Put your dry, wrinkled clothes in the dryer and throw one or two dampened dish towels in it. Then switch the dryer on. The damp towels will produce steam, and this will help you release your clothes wrinkles. If you don’t want to use a damp towel, you can make use of an ice cube or two to free up your clothes wrinkles in no time. It is a cheap, simple, and easy laundry hack, isn’t it? – No more standing and ironing for hours!

8. Speed up Drying Time by Adding Dry Towel to the load

Do you think your dryer is taking too long to dry your washed clothes? Adding dry soft towels to the load in the dryer can be an effective lazy girl laundry hack. With this laundry hack, you don’t have to spend all day drying your clothes. 

9. Prevent Your Arms from Getting Tired By Using a Colander to Rinse Clothes


When washing clothes, the excess water absorbed can increase the weight of your garment or shirt. It means you have some extra weight to struggle with. Have you thought of what this can do to your arms? It can get them tired in no time. No one wants to experience this.

One effective lazy girl laundry hack is to make use of a Colander to rinse your clothes. This will not only prevent the weight of excess water from getting your arms tired but also prevent it from stretching the fibers of your clothes. 

10. Freshen up Your Clothes by Applying Linen Spray or No-effort Sachet without Washing

Let me burst your bubbles! Do you know that not everyone that smells good washes their clothes? – They might be using a trick you haven’t come across. Let’s be real; washing your clothes too often can ruin them. But I have good news for you. You can also smell impeccable without washing your clothes too often.

Scattering no-effort sachet through your dresser or spritzing your once-worn clothes with linen spray will get rid of any lingering smells quickly. With this laundry hack for the lazy girl, you can go out with aromas that cause the good kind of double-takes.

11. Vinegar! Vinegar! Vinegar!

Oh, I love vinegar! Using them is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to deodorize the smelly musty odor caused by dirt and sweat buildup in your clothes. This laundry hack works if you don’t have time to wash your shirt or any other clothes after wearing it once or twice. The trick is simple.

Get an empty spray bottle, and fill it with half water and half vinegar, mix them thoroughly and spray to every nook and cranny of your clothes. Air-dry the clothes in a well-ventilated place indoors or hang it outside. As the solution dries, the vinegar smell will wear off. So, don’t worry about the smell, or, add a few drops of essential oils.

12. Use Salt to Prevent Colors from Bleeding  

When your favorite clothing bleeds due to regular wash, it gets faded. But you can lengthen it days by using salt. Using this laundry hack involve soaking your clothes in a bowl of water and adding a tablespoon of salt. Let the clothes soak for 30 minutes, then throw it in the washing machine. 

13. If What You Have In Your Home Is a Laundry Machine Use the Quick Wash Setting 

You can get your laundry done in less time than normal by using the quick wash setting on your laundry machine. It is a lazy girl laundry hack that works well for clothes that are not seriously soiled. With this cleaning hack, you can say goodbye to painful and boring laundry days. I have said it, and I will still say it again that if you want the fastest wash, you can opt for an ultrasonic cleaning machine like Sonic Soak. It does the job better.

14. Schedule Your Laundry

If you can schedule your laundry, you will be able to make washing and cleaning your clothes an easier task. Divide and separate clothes into hampers and make sure you wash the clothes in each hamper day-to-day. The division can be in size, color, and level of dirt. If you can utilize this laundry cleaning hack, you won’t get overwhelmed with the shipload of dirty clothes.

With all the laundry hacks for lazy girl mentioned above, you can see that you can make doing laundry much easier!

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