Eco Friendly Washing Machine: Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You Decide!

Eco Friendly Washing Machine: Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You Decide!

Since our planet is quickly running out of natural resources, there has been an increasing demand for eco-friendly products, including eco-friendly washing machines like ultrasonic cleaners that are becoming more and more popular in our houses. These green washers aren’t only saving energy, but they also reduce your electricity bill. It sounds like a pretty good deal, doesn't it?

Read more to discover all the benefits you can get using an eco-friendly washing machine and why we recommend using an ultrasonic cleaner like the well-known Sonic Soak!

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What is an eco-friendly washing machine?

So what is so special about an eco friendly washing machine? For starters, they are highly efficient (HE.) This means that along with saving energy and reducing your bills, they also do their task pretty efficiently. We will discuss this in detail below.

Benefits of using an eco-friendly washing machine

eco friendly washing machine

The energy-saving benefits of eco friendly washing machines aren't the only reasons why they're so popular. Let’s take a closer look at why getting an eco-friendly and highly efficient washing machine is a good idea.

1- Save Water

One of the factors that make a washing machine eco-friendly is the fact that they can save you up to 3300 gallons of water a year. Imagine if everyone uses these washing machines, what will be the amount of water we could save every year? 

So, how can it save water? Well, conventional washing machines would fill their tubs full of water, but smart and eco friendly washing machines can judge the amount of laundry and the water required to wash them. It will use water only enough to soak the clothes, and then use high-pressure agitation to clean the clothes.

With eco-friendly washers like Sonic Soak, you get clean clothes like you did with a regular washer, but with using less water. According to Energy Star, an average family can save up to 2000 gallons of water a year this way. So investing in these washing machines is a solid way to conserve water.

2- Save Energy (and Reduce Bills!)

The most significant and major benefit of having an eco friendly washing machine is, of course, saving energy, as proved by recent and older studies both. What does saving energy mean? It means that your washing machine will use less electricity when it's working.

How is it able to achieve this? These types of machines use a lot less water than traditional machines. This means that they won't require as much energy to heat the water as your standard washer would need.

Moreover, eco friendly washing machines have the latest technology. They have smart sensors that can detect the amount of laundry you put inside, and adjust water levels and wash/spin cycles accordingly. This way, it won't have extra and longer wash cycles.

The computerized and advanced eco-friendly washing machines can also adjust the quantity of detergent that it is supposed to use on the laundry. So your clothes will get only the amount of detergent that is needed, and this way, no additional wash cycles will be needed to rinse out the unneeded detergent.

Oh, did we mention that saving energy with an eco-friendly washing machine helps you save on your electricity bills?

So not only are you helping the environment, you get to save some bucks too! It's a win-win situation for everyone.

3- Reduce Carbon Footprint

Every appliance that you use contributes to carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere. It may seem like you're not doing much, but 20% of Carbon dioxide emissions in the United States come from household activities. This includes your appliances too!

According to a study, eight percent of carbon dioxide emissions in the United States come from the laundry. That's a whopping 120 million metric tons of carbon dioxide, and it's equivalent! It is hard to fathom the global impacts of this, but they are very drastic in reality.

portable ultrasonic cleaner

Hence, having eco friendly washing machines can reduce the carbon footprint by your household and save 25 to 30 percent of the electricity used by your washing machine. This way, you can do your part in going green and helping our planet.

4- More Capacity

So far, we've covered how having an eco friendly washing machine can be beneficial globally. Now, let's talk more about its benefits for you and your family. First of all, these washing machines offer more capacity than a conventional one, so you can wash more clothes at a time.

This is possible mainly because of the absence of an agitator in all types of washing machines (front and top both.) An agitator is a cylindrical component that is used to rub clothes together to wash them and rinse them.

Now, smart and efficient washing machines don't have this agitator. Instead, there is a disc that rotates to spin clothes around in top-load machines. For Front-load, the drum rotates in both directions to raise clothes above water level and drop them back in to clean clothes.

Hence, you can put more laundry in the washing machine at a time, and in turn, decrease the number of loads needed to complete your laundry. So not only are you reducing the time needed to finish your laundry, but you're also using less electricity in doing so.

5- Gentler Washing 

Do you find your clothes ripped when they come out of the washing machine? Or are the sequins of one dress stuck in the fabric of the other? With conventional washing machines, this is a very annoying and frequent problem.

However, eco friendly washing machines do not have an agitator, as we mentioned earlier. This means that there is nothing that will rub your clothes against each other and tangle them. These machines use a gentle rotating cycle to clean clothes, hence, protecting them from rips and tears.

Moreover, other types of eco friendly washing machines like ultrasonic cleaners are even gentler on your clothes, using tiny vibrations to beat the dirt out of your clothes and saving them from damage.

Since eco friendly washing machines are infused with the latest technologies, they are more gentle and kind to your clothes than your traditional washers.

6- Faster Spin Cycles

After washing and rinsing, washing machines perform a spin cycle to remove excess water from your clothes. The good about highly efficient washing machines is that they can spin their drums faster than regular washing machines.

How does this benefit you? Well, your clothes will come out a lot drier than how they came out of your traditional washing machine. This way, you won't have to dry them in the dryer for too long as they already are half-dried.

Also, you'll be saving money by reducing the time your dryer runs to dry clothes because your machine already did half of the job. Plus, you'll be drying more clothes at a time in your dryer as well, because your machine can wash a larger amount of clothes.

7- Less Noise Pollution

Annoyed by the racket your washing machine creates when washing clothes? Good news! Eco-friendly and Smart washing machines are a lot less noisy and won't disturb you while they work.

Equipped with superior technology, these machines create very little noise during the wash cycle, and yes, the spin cycle too! Even though they spin faster, you'll be hearing less noise than you do from a conventional washer.

Moreover, ultrasonic cleaners like Sonic Soak are even more quiet, barely creating any noise. They also make sure your clothes are clean, just like any washer would make them. Hence, this is another benefit that people get from eco friendly washing machines and one that every household will appreciate.

Why Sonic Soak is the Best Eco-friendly Washing Machine in the World

Eco-friendly Washing Machine

Sonic Soak is an eco-friendly washing machine unlike others because it uses ultrasonic waves to clean your clothes. Here's why it is an ideal eco-friendly washing machine:

1- Cheaper than a Traditional Washing Machine

A downside of buying an eco-friendly washing machine is that it's more expensive than a conventional washing machine. However, that's not the case with Sonic Soak! If you're planning on going green, but the prices of traditional eco-friendly washing machines hold you back, then Sonic Soak is the one for you.

Sonic Soak is a LOT cheaper as compared to other eco-friendly washing machines. Plus, it works just as well, even better in some cases because of its ultrasonic sound waves technology. Hence, buying an eco-friendly washing machine like Sonic Soak won't empty your bank account.

2- Saves Energy and Water More Efficiently

Sonic Soak is eco-friendly because it can save energy and water efficiently. It has a low wattage, so whenever it's operating, it will use much less electricity than a traditional washing machine would. Also, it works faster than other eco-friendly washing machines, hence, consuming less electricity.

This way, not only are you helping the environment, but you're also reducing your electricity bills. Moreover, Sonic Soak uses forty times less water than a traditional washing machine. Just fill up a bucket with enough water to submerge your clothes along with the cleaning tool, and that's all the water you'll be needing.

The best thing? You won't have to pay a humongous upfront cost to save energy and water, as compared with other eco-friendly washing machines.

eco-friendly washing machines

3- Versatile

So far, we've talked about being eco-friendly when doing your laundry. But what about washing other things, for instance, fruits and vegetables? These tasks use a lot of water as well. Don't worry though, you won't have to buy a separate eco-friendly washer for these tasks because Sonic Soak can clean just about anything.

Dirty fruits and vegetables? You can effectively rid them of harmful pesticides with Sonic Soak while using very less water (just enough to submerge them.) Moreover, you can effectively clean jewelry, utensils, and so much more with Sonic Soak and its ultrasonic technology.

So if you use sonic soak, you're not only being eco-friendly when doing your laundry, you're also saving energy and water while cleaning a lot of other things!


4- Portable

Sonic Soak is not like your average eco-friendly washing machine. It's very small - just about the size of your smartphone. This makes it travel-friendly and easy to carry around wherever you go. Be it a hotel or a camping trip, you can use Sonic Soak anywhere.

This way, you can be eco-friendly everywhere, not just inside your house. Don't go on its small size, though. Sonic Soak can wash clothes and other things very effectively, though it's only suitable to wash clothes in small quantities.

5- Doesn't Necessarily Need a Detergent 

Yes, you read that right. With Sonic Soak you won't necessarily have to use a detergent, though you can add it for some extra shine and sparkle in your clothes. How is it able to clean your clothes just as well without a detergent, though?

As we mentioned earlier, an ultrasonic cleaner uses ultrasonic waves to clean clothes. This means it produces tiny vibrations, that in turn produce minute bubbles that implode and create a burst of energy. This energy beats out the dirt from your clothes, cleaning them effectively. This also means Sonic Soak is super gentle on clothes.

Hence, you won't always have to use a detergent with Sonic Soak. This way, you won't be adding more chemicals and microbeads, which often exist in detergents, into our water systems. This makes Sonic Soak a very effective eco-friendly washing machine.

Final Words

Nowadays the world is evolving in a way that adopting eco friendly habits are becoming necessary. To save water an energy, Sonic Soak getting an ultrasonic cleaner like Sonic Soak can be a great option. Eco-friendly washer will not only save energy and protect the environment, but it'll also be lighter on your wallet by reducing your electricity bills!


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