About Us

We're on a mission to help families stop the spread of germs at home.


Why We Do What We Do

We're clean freaks that hate germs. When we discovered the power of ultrasonic cleaning, we decided then and there that we wanted to make it easily accessible to every one at home.

After countless rounds of product R&D and tons of money spent into creating the perfect cleaner design, we finally developed that was not only lightweight & portable, but also provided super high cleaning efficiency.

The Problem

For the longest time, ultrasonic cleaning technology was only available to large manufacturers with budget to invest in advanced cleaning equipment for industrial machinery & tools.

The equipment was large, bulky and not easy to use - especially not suitable for homes.

Our Solution

We bring the power of ultrasonic cleaning technology into the palm of your hands, literally.


Ready to Eradicate Germs With Your Very Own Sonic Soak?

Keep your family safe and eliminate germs from commonly used household items with a lean, mean, bacteria-killing machine.