5 Best Washing Machines for Tiny Houses

5 Best Washing Machines for Tiny Houses

Tiny Homes are trending nowadays. In fact, they are so popular that you can find almost dozens of TV shows covering these smart, minimalist, tiny homes, like Tiny House Nation, Tiny Luxury, Tiny House World, and several more. However, with these TV shows glorifying these smart homes, they still come with shortcomings.

For example, what about finding a place for a washing machine? But don't worry, this is where a portable washing machine comes in.

If you're living in a small house or are planning to, you would be surprised by the number of options available that can go well with your home. Just like your smart home, there are plenty of portable smart options when it comes to washing machines. For example, do you know you can now own a compact ultrasonic portable washing machine that you can even carry along with you?

Want to learn more? Check out our list of 5 best washing machines for tiny homes:

Review of the 5 best washing machines for tiny houses

Product Name Size Power (watts) Dryer  Eco-Friendly
 Sonic Soak 1.38 x 4.13 inches 50 Watts None Yes
 Sharp Wave   Washer 0.9 x 1 x 6.5 inches 5 Watts None Yes
 Giantex 16.9 x 16.9 x 29.5 inches 240 Watts Yes No
 Wonderwash 16 x 12 x 12 inches 0 Watts None Yes
 Cirsum         Ultrasonic

7.4 x 4.1 x 3.5 inches

60 Watts None Yes

Best Ultrasonic Clothes Washer: Sonic Soak

Ultrasonic Clothes Washer

There is one thing for sure, traditional washing machines and tiny homes are not compatible. However, thanks to the fast-evolving technology around us, we now have several smart alternatives to large washing machines in the form of the ultrasonic clothes washer.

When it comes to the best ultrasonic cleaner, we can't really compile a list without Sonic Soak. The latest ultrasonic portable washing machine makes a perfect fit for tiny homes and their washing needs.

The smart device uses modern ultrasonic technology that consumes 40% less energy than other washing machines. The small compact machine weighs just 0.25 lb and features a 50W power output. All you need is to put the device into water, add soap, turn it on, and set a timer. You are done!

So how does it work? Sonic Soak uses the latest technology to generate modulated ultrasonic waves, that is, 50,000 vibrations a second. This allows you to clean your clothes and even luxury items like the softest bath towels at a microscopic level. This technology is also safer for delicate items.

In addition, the ultrasonic clothes washer uses less water compared to traditional machines, making it a more eco-friendly option. For tiny houses, machine noise is also a problem, but not with Sonic Soak, as it doesn't produce any loud noise when working.

To cater to their global market, Sonic Soak is also available in two different voltage output options, 100-120V and 200-240V.

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  • Portable
  • Energy efficient
  • You can use any container with water to wash
  • Can easily wash 4 lbs of clothes in one go


  • Not good enough for heavy loads

Best Ultrasonic Cleaner: Sharp Wave Washer

Best Ultrasonic Cleaner

Second on our list is another ultrasonic clothes washer, Sharp Wave Washer, designed for tiny houses and apartments. The Japanese product comes with several features, along with its compact size and advanced technology.

Even though Sharp Wave Washer uses the same ultrasonic technology as Sonic Soak, it produces 38,000 waves a second compared to 50,000 a second by Sonic Soak. However, this Wave Washer is also lightweight as it weighs only 100 g.

One good thing about Sharp Wave Washer is its built-in battery. However, it requires around 5 hours of charging to work for 15 minutes. It works more like a stain remover instead of a washing machine but works best to clean individual clothing items quickly. Just move it over the stains on your clothes, and this powerful ultrasonic clothes washer will clean it within seconds.


  • Fast and Efficient
  • Easy to carry
  • Affordable


  • Not good for heavy clothing items
  • You can only use it for a few minutes at a time

Best Portable Washing Machine with Dryer: Giantex Full Automatic Machine 

portable washing machine

If you don't mind sacrificing little space for a portable washing machine that comes with dryer, this one better fits your needs. The automatic washing machine can wash a load of 8 lbs in one go.

However, this one needs some space to install compared to the first two options, which doesn't need any space in your tiny house at all. In addition, it requires more water and consumes a lot more energy, which is something people living in tiny homes don't like. After all, eco-friendly live style is often the motivation behind tiny and smart homes.

However, the washing machine offers you five different options to control different washing modes and water levels. The machine comes with compact design as it uses one tub for both spin wash and spin dry.


  • You can wash more clothes and jeans
  • Comes with dryer
  • Automatic
  • Portable
  • Consumes more energy and water
  • Heavy (37.4 lbs) compared to some other items on our list

Best Non-electric Portable Washing Machine: The Laundry Alternative Wonderwash

portable washing machine

Although an unconventional option, this non-electric washing machine by The Laundry Alternative is a good fit for people on the budget or who want to use appliances with no energy consumption.

This hand-crank machine is good to wash up to five lbs of load and can wash clothes much faster than your expectations. You can also use it for items that are delicate and not recommended for machine wash. The sturdy built also makes it easy to use and long-lasting, as it also comes with three years warranty.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Good for delicate items
  • affordable
  • Requires physical effort
  • Consumes your time
  • Not recommended for a heavy load like jeans
  • No dryer

Ultrasonic Portable Washing Machine: Cirsum Ultrasonic Machine

portable washing machine

Last on our list is another portable ultrasonic washing machine from Cirsum. It also comes with almost identical style and design as Sonic Soak and offers the same 50,000 ultrasonic vibrations a second.

It is also lightweight and portable, but not as sturdy and long-lasting as Sonic Soak.


  • Advanced technology
  • A smart machine that can be connected to the app on your phone


  • Available only in one 100 voltage output variation
  • A little heavy than similar Sonic Soak

Final Verdict

To be honest, there is no best choice anymore in the modern world, there is only a smart choice. If you are looking for the smartest option, the high-tech Sonic Soak ultrasonic clothes washer makes the best product.

It is portable, takes no space in your tiny home and apartment, and can serve the light washing needs of individuals and even couples. In addition, you can also wash a lot more other than your clothes using this modern portable washing machine.

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