Welcome to the Sonic Soak family! Hope you are excited about your Sonic Soak as we are.

Make sure you follow the instructions in both videos below in order to optimize your Sonic Soak for peak performance.

Happy cleaning!

How to Use Sonic Soak?

We designed Sonic Soak to be really intuitive and easy to use. It consists of two main parts - the cleaning head and the control unit.

In 4 easy steps, you can start to clean any small to medium sized object in your house! It's easy to use, just plug in and let the device do its magic 😎


Please watch the following video in order to learn how to adjust power settings on your device and do the Sonic Soak Aluminum test to determine if your device is functioning correctly.

Test Performance

Once your device is optimized, please watch the following video to learn how to test your device's cleaning capabilities.