Sonic Soak- How This Tiny Washing Machine Can Change Your Life

Sonic Soak- How This Tiny Washing Machine Can Change Your Life

Cleanliness and hygiene are part of our daily routines. It is essential for our well-being. You agree with me that going about all activities concerning cleaning can be tasking.

What if there is something that helps? A machine that does all the work while you sit back and relax. The answer to all your cleaning needs is Sonic Soak, the mini washing machine.

Sonic Soak is a portable cleaner equipped with modern ultrasonic technology. It cleans down to a microscopic level by generating modulated ultrasonic waves. These ultrasonic waves travel in water by creating cavitation bubbles. The cleaning of the surface of your items is by cavitation bubbles imploding. The implosion will create an immense force on the items, thereby displacing contaminants. The tiny washing machine gently handles all our cleaning needs, emitting 5000Hz of ultrasonic waves per second. It features an adjustable timer and a frequency regulator.

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5 Reasons why you’ll love Sonic Soak

The prospects of this little machine are fantastic, right? I will tell you about some of the advantages that endear this tiny washing machine to our heart. 

  • It is time economic


Whether it is for laundry, dishes, or accessories, etc. Manually performing these washing activities are going to be tough and time-consuming. The case is the same when you employ the services of a washing machine and dishwasher. You will also agree that some other cleaning activities would require the manual hand scrubbing or our conventional sponge and soap.

Sonic Soak offers the chance to perform all cleaning tasks efficiently and conveniently and to save some precious time in the process. All you need so is to drop the transducer of this mini washing machine, and the rest is a jolly good story.

  • It saves water and electricity

The Sonic Soak device can use 40 times less water and 15 times less energy. This feature places it as a lead device for your cleaning and hygiene. Putting this innovative machine to the test, I found out that there is less likelihood for the washing solution turning to “scum soup” as in washing machines. This feature significantly reduced the amount of water required for rinsing. It is achieved because of its superior washing technique.

With the voltage rating of this mini washing machine at 127V and wattage of 50W, you are sure to optimize electric use with this device.

tiny washing machine

  • It cleans everything and anything

There is a saying, "Jack of all trade, master of none." The device is designed to be the "master of all." There is no limit to what you can clean with this excellent tool. Anything from clothes and delicate fabrics, kitchen utensils and silverware, fruits and vegetables, jewelry, etc. cleaning them to levels not quickly achieve by conventional methods. It can also kill germs and pathogens, guaranteeing the safety of your household.

  • It’s a portable washing machine

 This tiny washing machine with its flexible structure means that it is mobile, easily packed, and can be used anywhere. Therefore, your cleanliness and hygiene stay with you everywhere and anytime.

eco friendly washing machine

  • It is silent

Some machines usually come with bugging and unwelcomed sounds. Noise is not a feature of the Sonic Soak. You would not have to bother about annoying motor sounds allowing you to sleep even when it’s turned on.

How can I use Sonic Soak? 

  • Laundry and delicate fabrics

    portable washing machine

I am not a fan of big laundry and clothes washing. My guess is nobody likes to do it either.

Laundry is an essential component of maintaining proper hygiene. The next alternative that we have is the washing machine. The washing machine may do good jobs but not great work. You read my mind; we need some that suits our needs more. Sonic Soak, the tiny washing machine, covers all our cravings. It cleans through the pores of our clothing threads producing cleaner clothes in the process.

Quick and Rapid frequencies can damage some of our delicate fabrics. The frequency regulator of this tiny washing machine can be adjusted to give excellent cleaning results. 

  • Toys and baby effects


        Toys and baby effects

        Babies are soft and tender. We have to embrace high levels of carefulness while catering for them. Some of these precautions should be observed in the ways you wash their personal effects.

        Some baby gears like feeding bottles sucks and toys harbor minute diets not easily washed off by spray washing and manual rinsing. It could lead to the growth of germs and pathogens on baby items.

        The washing technique of Sonic Soak takes care of this cleaning. Because it cleans at a microscopic level, it eliminates any dangers due to poor sanitation these germs may cause.

      • Dishes, kitchen utensils, and silverware
      • Cooks and foodies like to wash off after each meal to prepare for the next. They often run into issues with stubborn stains that refuse to go off smoothly. You have to scrub continuously and vigorously to get your desired results. I remember once scrubbing of the coatings of my China wares as I aimed to achieve perfect cleaning. Even with our best efforts, sometimes, our output is undesirable. If you make a meal with lots of oil, wash off will be tough. Even then, our pots then to feel greasy with our regular wash. This ultrasonic cleaning removes oily stains and other stubborn stains, including rust on silverware. The continuous strike of the cavitation bubbles ensures that these tough stains are eliminated from the origin.

        • Jewelry


        Pieces of jewelry
        are precious and valuable to us. We always adore them because, most times, they are symbolic. It could be used to store memories. It could be a reminder of a loved one or a relationship. It gives you a feeling of attachment, even though you are far away. It could also be a family symbol. Though they are endeared to our hearts, keeling them clean is difficult to achieve. These items often have corners and crevices, which are impossible to reach during cleaning. Our sweat, lotions, dust, and oil residues trap in the cervices making our jewelry look dirty.

        Sonic Soak, the mini washing machines have you covered. You do not have to bother about the corners and crevices with its innovative cleaning technique and ability to clean at a microscopic level. The cavitation bubbles get to the thinnest offsetting dirt and leave your precious items clean. 

        • Fruits and vegetables


        The leading cause of food poisoning today is pesticide contaminants!

        The pesticides are used to preserve our food, fruits, and vegetables from pest attacks during storage. If our fruits and vegetables are not appropriately washed to rinse off, these chemicals can pose serious health hazards. The chemical contaminants often get trapped in the pores of fruits and leaves of vegetables. Regular washing might not be enough to expel the chemicals. This tiny ultrasonic vegetable cleaner, Sonic Soak, deploys its ultrasonic waves to get a clean result. The ultrasonic waves that travel as cavitation bubbles find their way into these pores and gently removes them, leaving you with clean edible food.

        It is worthy to note that your fruits and vegetables also get cleaned from germs and pathogens with this process. 

        How Sonic Soak Gets Better Results Than Other Cleanings?

        Sonic Soak 

        There are some factors that, when managed appropriately, enhance the cleaning capabilities of the mini washing machine. Some of the elements are:

        • Temperature

        The temperature of the water or cleaning solution can get heated up. You will be able to gain consistent and repeatable cleaning when you manage these rises in temperature. Generally, you can get a better outcome than other cleaners by maintaining the recommended range of temperature for your Sonic Soak cleaning solution. 

        • Liquid Surface Tension

        If the surface tension of the liquid of this mini washing machine is decreased, the cavitation gains strength, and this will provide a more efficient cleaning and a great result.

        • Vapour Pressure

        High vapor pressure produces more bubbles, but with low intensity and low vapor pressure produces fewer bubbles but implode with greater force. But, when the vapor pressure is at a medium level, it is most conducive to ultrasonic activities.

        • Density

        If the density of the washing solution is high, significant cavitation is created, and greater implosive force occurs, thereby cleaning of more dirt on your items.

        • Viscosity

        Cavitation process is enhanced by low viscosity, and this aids items with more stains to be scrubbed thoroughly.

        Wrap Up

        There is no doubt that Sonic Soak has revolutionized cleaning in recent times. This is because of the versatility and economic efficiency it promises. It is recommended for clean freaks who want to experience better levels of washing and cleanliness.

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