5 Best Steps to Clean Jewelry by Using Jewelry Cleaner Machines

5 Best Steps to Clean Jewelry by Using Jewelry Cleaner Machines

Who likes wearing dirty jewelry? - No one! 

With time your jewelry appearance can become dull. When you notice this, it means that you need to clean them. Fortunately, using jewelry cleaner machines like an ultrasonic cleaning machine can be the best way to go.

This article will show you the best step-by-step way to clean your jewelry using a jewelry cleaner machines.


Cleaning your Jewelry With a Jewelry Cleaner Machine

Why Do You Need To Clean Your Jewelry?

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Pieces of jewelry come in contact with hard water deposit, dust, sweat, hand cream, and other dirt anytime you use them. When these elements touch jewelry, it becomes dirtier day after day. This dirt results in debris, stain and tarnish which causes the jewelry to lose their shine, beauty, and original sparkle. Cleaning jewelry will help remove the stains, debris, and tarnish. Also, it will keep it shinning and beautiful for as long as you use it.

Why Should You Clean Your Jewelry With Jewelry Cleaner Machines?

Ultrasonic jewelry cleaner machines are one of the machines known to produce the most effective cleaning methods for jewelry and other range of applications. Also, ultrasonic cleaning is a fast method of cleaning intricate parts or hard substrates. If you are wondering why cleaning jewelry with ultrasonic jewelry cleaner is the best way to go, here are the reasons:

  • It cleans inaccessible areas of the jewelry – There is jewelry that has areas that are not easily accessible. This means the areas can be hard to clean when using a manual cleaner or hand washing. But jewelry cleaners such as the ultrasonic cleaning machines are very effective in reaching and cleaning inaccessible and hard-to-reach areas. The ultrasonic energy produces microscopic bubbles that can penetrate hinges, hollows, and the most delicate and smallest part of your jewelry. This makes it possible for the ultrasonic jewelry cleaner to remove stains, contaminants, dirt, and tarnish from wherever they are on your jewelry. The cleaning is not limited to the surface and accessible areas.
  • Ultrasonic jewelry cleaners offer a gentle cleaning action – Cleaning jewelry with ultrasonic jewelry cleaner machines does not involve scrubbing that can damage your valuables. The machine clean jewelries without leaving a scratch on them. This means you stand a better chance of maintaining the quality and beauty of your item for a longer time. Additionally, they might not require the use of detergent that might contain harsh chemicals which can be harmful to your valuables. Ultrasonic jewelry cleaners are used with water. However, if soap is required, some safe cleaning liquid detergents can be used and won’t affect the quality of your jewelry.
  • It cleans multiple pieces of jewelry thoroughly and quickly – How much jewelry can you clean at a time using hand wash? I guess not more than one because hand washing more than an item at a time cannot give efficient cleaning. But with an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner, you can clean more than two jewelries at a time and still get a more effective and efficient cleaning.
  • They are environmentally friendly and save costs – Unlike other methods of washing that can cause noise pollution in your home or environment, the ultrasonic jewelry cleaner machine does not make noise. It operates silently while ensuring your pieces of jewelry are thoroughly washed and clean. Also, cleaning jewelry with jewelry cleaners can save costs because they do not require much energy and water to operate. Ultrasonic jewelry cleaners offer a much greener solution to your jewelry cleaning process compared to all other cleaning methods.
  • They do not require multiple washes – In other cleaning jewelry methods, you might need to wash your valuables more than once to ensure a thorough and perfect cleaning. But as for the ultrasonic jewelry cleaners, they produce a thorough wash and cleaning about 99.9% for the first time. Additionally, their ability to remove bacterial makes the jewelry cleaner machines one of the best ways and tools to give your jewelry a perfect wash.

Before we move to the 5 best steps to clean jewelry by using the jewelry cleaner machines, let’s take a look at the ornamental that can’t be washed by the ultrasonic cleaning machines.

Is Ultrasonic Cleaner Perfect For All Jewelries?

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Even though the ultrasonic jewelry cleaner is the best machine that can be used to wash and clean jewelry, there are some ornamentals you should avoid using them to wash as they may cause some damages. Remember, there are two sides to a coin, so ultrasonic jewelry cleaners have their limitations too. Before cleaning jewelry with the machine, you should always check to ensure your item is safe if you use the ultrasonic jewelry cleaner to wash and clean it.

So what type of jewelry should not be cleaned in the ultrasonic jewelry cleaners? Avoid washing and cleaning jewelry that include tanzanite, emeralds, opals, cameos, silver or gold inlay, pearls, silver or gold filigree, and turquoise. Also, don’t use an ultrasonic cleaning machine to wash jewelry that contains coral, amber and other soft stones, antique jewelry, and foiled back stones. Additionally, if your item comes with gemstones that are heat treated don’t clean them with ultrasonic cleaners. Furthermore, if you notice cracks on your jewelry or any other form of damage, do not clean them in ultrasonic jewelry cleaners.

Do you know why you should not clean the pieces of jewelry mentioned above in an ultrasonic cleaner? The reasons are:

  • Most of them are brittle and can be damaged by the vibrations and heat generated by ultrasonic cleaners

  • Many of the jewelry had their color enhanced through heat treatment and other methods, and these make them more susceptible to damage

  • Some of them are soft such as pearl and cleaning them with ultrasonic jewelry cleaner machines may dissolve them partly

Take note that organic gems, soft gemstones, heat treated and highly brittle gemstones should not be cleaned in ultrasonic jewelry cleaners. However, if alloys or metals such as platinum, gold, and much more with the exception of tungsten make up your jewelry, you can safely wash and clean them in ultrasonic machines. Also, cleaning jewelry that comes with hard, natural gemstones like rubies in the machines is safe and may not cause any damage.

Now that you know what jewelry not to clean in the ultrasonic jewelry cleaner machines and the ones that are safe to clean, let’s dive into the best step-by-step process of cleaning jewelry.

5 Best Steps to Clean Jewelry Using Jewelry Cleaner Machines 

There are different models of ultrasonic cleaners with each having their unique functions and features. But most of them operate the same way and does the same job. Regardless of whether you are using an ultrasonic cleaner with a tank or a portable ultrasonic cleaning machine such as Sonic Soak that requires a sink or bowl, the steps below will work for you.

Step 1 – Prepare for the cleaning

The first step includes getting your ultrasonic jewelry cleaner out of storage and probably cleaning them up. Once this is done:

  • Pour the required amount of water in the tank with water and add some safe ultrasonic cleaning solution for a much greater effect

  • Plug the jewelry cleaner machine to the wall unit and switch it on, so it runs for about 10 minutes. This will help mix the water and solution well.

If you are using a model of ultrasonic cleaner that does not have a heater you can pour hot water. Also, in case you are using a Sonic Soak pour the water in a bowl and sink and follow the same process mentioned above.

Step 2 - Put your jewelry inside the tank, sink, or bowl

After your ultrasonic jewelry cleaner has run for the number of minutes specified in the first step you can start placing your jewelry in the tank or sink to begin the cleaning phase. You have to be careful when taking this step. Do not overload the ultrasonic machine to avoid scratching and damaging the jewelry. Additionally, ensure not to bring the water to a boil while dropping your items in it.

Step 3 – Set the temperature you need and heat up the solution

Now that you have added the jewelry you want to clean let the solution heat up to make sure you get the best possible cleaning. The temperature and the running time you need depend on how dirty your items are. Most of the time, the running time of the ultrasonic jewelry cleaner machine varies from 1-minutes to 20-minutes. In short, let the machine run for as long as needed. Remember, what you need is for the water to be hot and not boil.

Step 4 – Switch off the ultrasonic jewelry cleaner machine

When the running time is reached, put the ultrasonic machine off and wait for dirt particles to fall to the bottom of the sink, bowl or tank. This can take between five to ten minutes. While you wait, you are also giving the hot solution time to cool to reduce the risk of getting hurt by hot water when removing the jewelry.

Step 5 – Remove the jewelry, brush off, and dry

Now the wait is over! 

  • Remove the cleaned jewelry from the solution. Use a soft polishing cloth or brush to go over the jewelry. This is to ensure that the jewelry is cleaned thoroughly and all the residual dirt left on the jewelry is removed.

  • Once this is done, rinse the jewelry under a running tap to get rid of the brushed dirt and any detergent that might be left on the items.

  • Make use of a soft dry cloth to dry the jewelry. Ensure the items are dry before you put the jewelry in a box.

Take note that these steps can be repeated if you are not satisfied with the result of the first cleaning process. Just ensure you change the previously used solution and use clean new water and solution.

How Many Times Can You Use The Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner Machine? 

You can use the ultrasonic cleaner to clean your pieces of jewelry as many times as possible as long as it is safe for cleaning. Generally, washing and cleaning your items with ultrasonic jewelry cleaner should be done once in one or two weeks. But the frequency depends on how often and quickly your jewelry gets dirty. Does this make sense?

Also, how frequent you clean jewelry with ultrasonic machines is determined by how often you wear it and where you store them. If you are someone that uses jewelry every day, an individual that sweat a lot, or someone that works or go to where or contaminants can easily come in contact with your jewelry you might need to clean the jewelry more often.

What to Look for When Choosing a Jewelry Cleaner Machine

So you have decided that you must buy a jewelry cleaner machine, and you just can’t let your gems tarnish away, but you have little idea of what to look for in an ultrasonic cleaning machine. Fret not, because we have a list of things right here that you should search for in a jewelry cleaner in order to make the best choice. 

  • Tank size 

The tank is that area where you will place all your jewelry and where all the action is going to take place. Hence, its size matters a lot. You need to ask yourself if you own quite a bit of jewelry or a few pieces? Do you wear them often or just on special occasions? If you do own a lot of jewelry and if you also wear them quite often, then look for a big tank. 

This will help you clean a lot of jewelry at once. Hence, it will prove to be more energy-efficient and time saving as well. For instance, an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner like Sonic Soak has no specific tank size. You can use any container or bucket, or even your sink as a tank, as long as it can hold water.  

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  • Timer and Modes 

Different ultrasonic jewelry cleaners come in different settings and modes. What you need to look for is if there are several different settings available. For example, for delicate items, some machines will function more gently. For more robust items, there will be a more powerful mode to operate with. 

So if you have very delicate and ornate jewelry to clean, look for jewelry cleaner machines with gentle settings specifically for fragile jewelry. As far as timer settings are concerned, there should be a lot of options to choose from. From two to eight minutes, you should be able to choose between a range of settings to adjust accordingly with the type of item you’re cleaning. 

There can also be preset cleaning modes for different items in your machine, which is an added plus. You won’t have to worry about setting the timer yourself this way.

  • Heater 

Does the ultrasonic jewelry cleaner heat water itself, or do you need to heat the water separately first? This might be something to consider because heating water separately can be time-consuming as it is an added step in the whole process.

However, if you think the machine you chose is just fine, and you don't mind heating water separately for it, then don’t hold back, go ahead and purchase it!

  • Cleaning Solution 

Many jewelry cleaner machines use a special cleaning solution to sparkle your gems. However, you may not like the idea of using a cleaning solution on your expensive jewelry or having to buy a cleaning solution every time you run out of it. 

 If you don’t mind cleaning solutions and you’re ready to test it out, then you have no problem. But if you’re not sure of it, look for an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner that uses only water to clean the items

  • Durability 

Many jewelry cleaning machines have a fragile exterior, often made up of plastic. The lid could break easily, or the display could become useless if handled roughly. More importantly, your machine should be able to perform well and not malfunction, so always look for warranties. If the product has a money-back guarantee, then that’s a huge bonus.

  • Ease of Use and Maintenance 

Cleaning your jewelry with an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner should not be too hard. You might as well pay your jeweler for cleaning otherwise! Always look for user-friendly controls in the machine. Preset modes help with this. Furthermore, check if the machine shuts off automatically (which is great) or does it need to be shut manually. 

Also, see if the jewelry cleaner machine requires some special maintenance to operate. Do you need to clean the tank often? If so, is it detachable and easy to clean? Is the lid removable? An easy to use machine will require minimum maintenance and will have a few buttons and simple steps to work efficiently. 


Still in doubt? Here is a list of FAQs regarding ultrasonic jewelry cleaners:

Do Ultrasonic Cleaners Really Work?

Ultrasonic cleaning appliances first made an appearance back in the 1970s, and the technology was discovered in the 1950s. So yes, it does work, as it has been used for decades to effectively clean items that are intricate and difficult to clean normally.

Can I Clean Things Other than Jewelry?

Most ultrasonic jewelry cleaners can wash a variety of different things like wristwatches, glasses, and other valuables and delicate items. However, if you have a big enough tank size, you may be able to wash bigger things in it as well. For instance, Sonic Soak can clean a variety of things like clothes, fruits, and veggies. 

Is it Safe to Use an Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner?

Yes, ultrasonic cleaning is one of the safest and gentlest ways to clean jewelry. It uses microscopic bubbles that implode and produce tiny vibrations. This wave of energy, in turn, removes even the tiniest of dirt particles from the nooks and crannies of your jewelry. 

How Long Does it Take to Clean Jewelry? 

Usually, it takes about three to five minutes to clean dirty jewelry, but you can put it in for longer or for a second wash if you think they’re still grimy or need more sparkle.

Do I Need to Add Something Else to Help with the Process?

If your machine only uses water to clean stuff, you may not need to add anything else. However, you can add a bit of soap or detergent to help shine your items even more, and afterward, rinse off the soap. 

Is Heat Necessary?

For the most part, yes. Ultrasonic waves technology works best in warm water, where the bubbles can quickly travel and implode. What’s the ideal temperature? Anywhere around 130 to 170 degrees Fahrenheit. Use lower heat for jewelry, though, as they are delicate and often have parts glued together.  

Final Words and Advice 

There you have the 5 best steps to clean jewelry by using jewelry cleaner machines. Following the step-by-step guide will ensure that you clean your jewelry at home without the help of a professional. Also, it will solve the most sensitive issues in cleaning jewelry. Owning an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner will help save your money as regular service from a professional can be costly.

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