Discover the World’s Smallest Travel Washing Machine - Sonic Soak

Probably the first thing you worry about while preparing for a trip is packing clothes. Do I keep an extra pair? Have I packed enough clothes? What if I've gone over the weight limit?

Laundry is one thing that everyone worries about while on a trip. So if you want to keep your laundry worries to a minimum, here's your solution: Sonic Soak, the eco-friendly and portable washer!

Sonic Soak is an incredible travel washing machine that will not only help you with your laundry on a trip but also aid you in everyday washing tasks. Read on to find out more about the world’s smallest travel washing machine!

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What is Sonic Soak?

ultrasonic cleaner

So what is this machine? It's a portable ultrasonic cleaner (we'll explain what an ultrasonic cleaner is in a bit.) Sonic Soak is used to wash and clean clothes on a microscopic level.

Not only can it wash clothes, but also other objects. Imagine a washing machine, only much smaller, more efficient, and hassle-free! 

How Does Sonic Soak Work?

This portable washing machine works using ultrasonic sound waves. How? A component called a transducer creates ultrasonic sound waves, which create numerous bubbles. These are not your everyday bubbles. These bubbles are microscopic, and they grow in size quickly till they implode or collapse inwards.

This implosion creates a wave of pressure, and this, in turn, removes tiny dirt particles from objects that are otherwise not removed. So when you place Sonic Soak in water, these little bubbles are created and get to work. Hence, Sonic Soak is a portable ultrasonic cleaner that can clean material at a microscopic level that other washers can't.

What are the Sonic Soak Key Features?

Sonic Soak

So what makes Sonic Soak so special? Sonic Soak has all the features that make it the most travel-friendly washing machine. Below is a list of this feature-packed portable washer that will rid you of all laundry related issues while traveling.

  • Deep Clean 

One of the major perks of using Sonic Soak is its ability to deep clean objects. As we mentioned earlier, this washer cleans things at a microscopic level that your ordinary washing machine can barely do so. Stains that are deep-set and stubborn need only a few minutes with this washer.

Furthermore, your clothes contain germs and residue that a standard washing machine cannot wash away. A study revealed that even after washing at high temperatures, clothes have bacteria, germs and dirt residue deep inside the fabric. This can be a cause for bacterial skin infections and other conditions.

Hence, with sonic soak, you don't only get the benefits like portability and ease of use, but you can also clean your clothes thoroughly and rid them of all germs. The ultrasonic technology makes sure of this.

  • Portable

A traditional washing machine is enormous and takes up a lot of space. This washer is the opposite of that. Its measurements equal that of your smartphone. No, seriously, it is that tiny! The stainless steel cylindrical tool is even smaller.

So both components are small enough to carry around comfortably. But if the washer is that tiny, then it must weigh a lot to be able to do such heavy-duty work, right? No! You may be surprised, but this portable ultrasonic washer only weighs around 115 grams! So you can carry it anywhere with no difficulty.

  • Travel-Friendly

The best thing about having a small and portable washer is that it is travel-friendly. Sonic Soak is a travel washing machine that you can use when you're on a trip or camping. It's tiny enough for you to pack into the smallest of travel bags. Furthermore, you won't even have to worry about luggage weight when carrying it.

Hence, you won't need an expensive hotel laundry with Sonic Soak. Save those bucks and use the sink or the bathtub to wash all your laundry yourself!

Moreover, this travel washing machine also comes in handy during camping trips. How many times have you missed the comfort of your home when you couldn't find a simple and hygienic way to wash your laundry? This eco-friendly washing machine allows you to wash your clothes without any fuss while being under the starry sky anywhere!

  • Ease of Use

This portable washer is small and does a super job at cleaning stuff. However, what about ease of use? Well, using Sonic Soak is pretty simple. There are no elaborate steps involved, and neither is the machine itself hard to operate.

All you need is a bucket or any container (a sink will work too) full of water. Next, you need to submerge your clothes completely to make sure they are properly washed. After this, it's pretty simple. Just plug in the device into the power socket, and place the metal component into the middle of the container full of water. Set the timer and turn it on.

Now lay back and wait for the magic to happen. After a few minutes, you will see that your clothes are spotless. Dry them off, and there you go, clean and tidy clothes at your disposal, but without the cost of dry cleaning or hotel services!

  • Eco-Friendly

One of the best things about Sonic Soak is that it’s the most eco-friendly washing machine you can find on the market today! Indeed, this portable ultrasonic cleaner consumes far less electricity than your conventional washing machine. An everyday washing machine uses around 500 to 1500 watts, depending on the type. That is a LOT compared to Sonic Soak, using only fifty watts to work.

Hence, Sonic Soak is an eco-friendly washing machine that is not only energy efficient but also does its job pretty well without the help of any cleaning solutions that can be bad for the environment. Plus, consuming less electricity is not the only thing that makes this an eco-friendly washing machine. It uses forty times less water than a standard washer, hence, using the least amount of water.

  • No Detergent Needed

Sonic Soak is a travel machine for a reason. Since washing clothes is a headache while you're traveling, this machine is supposed to reduce those worries. And it does precisely that. Don’t have detergent? No problem! You'll get clean clothes anyway.

This smart little portable washer doesn't need detergent because it can use its ultrasonic waves to beat the dirt out of your clothes. It’s genius, isn’t it? Although you can use laundry detergent to help with the washing process, it is not necessary. Hence, you don't need to worry about packing detergents in your luggage for using Sonic Soak.

  • Minimal Noise

We've all heard our washing machines making so much noise when working. It is annoying and creates noise pollution. Sonic Soak makes as little noise as possible-you can barely hear it. It silently cleans your clothes, so you can wash them whenever and wherever you want without worrying about creating noise.

This also makes it ideal for traveling. Say you're living in a shared hostel room, or you're staying at a hotel with thin walls. Any sound that you make can disturb the people around you. But not with Sonic Soak. You can wash your clothes quietly and peacefully with this machine.

  • Gentle Cleansing

The ultrasonic wave technology that emits fifty thousand vibrations to clean objects sounds pretty intense. What if it ruins your delicate clothes? Sonic Soak is the gentlest of washers, unlike traditional machines that can tear and rip apart fragile clothes.

The tiny vibrations which produce microscopic bubbles gently removes dirt and other stuff from your clothes. Hence, it cleans your clothes and also maintains its quality.

  • Ideal for Small Homes

So is this washing machine only good for traveling? No. This washer is perfect for houses that are too small for a large front or top load washing machine. A studio apartment or a cute tiny house that is trending nowadays will benefit from this portable ultrasonic cleaner.

You can use it in a bucket or a basin/sink. After this, just pack it back into the pouch and stuff the device back into a cabinet or drawer. Convenient as anything.

  • Watch as it Works

With old school washers, you can't see what's happening to your laundry. Is it leaking colors? Are my clothes getting ripped apart? Is the laundry clean enough? With Sonic Soak, you can watch the dirt slowly separate from your laundry because the machine works right in front of your eyes.

Therefore, you can quickly determine when it's time to take out your laundry, or if it needs more time in the water. Could it get any better? 

What Else Can Sonic Soak Clean?

This eco-friendly washing machine does not only wash clothes but a lot of other things as well! It can clean the things listed below.

eco-friendly washing machine

  • Vegetables

Fruits and veggies are covered with pesticides and other toxic chemicals, therefore rinsing them with water doesn't completely clean them. This washer deep cleanses the vegetables and fruits and makes them safe and healthy again.

  • Delicate Items

You can easily wash clothes that require extra care when cleaning. Who has time to search for a dry cleaner when you're on a trip? Just use Sonic Soak and do it yourself, while saving money as well.

  • Jewelry

Do you have tarnished jewelry that needs some sparkling up? Just soak them in water with Sonic Soak vibrating away the dullness of your jewelry and polishing them up.

  • Utensils

Don't know how to wash the cutlery while you're out camping? Let Sonic Soak handle the work while you can take in the scenery around you. It can rid your utensils of stains and residue within a few minutes. 

  • Glasses

For all you folks who can't get their glasses clean enough with a wipe cloth, worry no more. Sonic Soak is strong enough to make them spotless, but gentle enough to not shatter them.

  • Toys

Toddlers will try to taste just about anything, especially their toys. This puts them at risk of germs and bacteria entering their bodies. Hence, you can clean these toys with Sonic Soak to make sure your kid's toys remain germ-free. 


Do you have some unanswered questions regarding Sonic Soak? Here are a few of them answered for you, so you can make the right choice and invest smartly.

Exactly How Small is Sonic Soak?

The machine measures four and a half inches in length. The tool used to wash objects is even smaller than that. So even if you are supposed to pack light, you can still adjust this tiny portable washer in your luggage.

What Power Source is Needed?

For the machine to work, you need to plug it into a wall outlet. There are no extra cables for this though, the device itself has the plug attached to it at the back.

What Voltage is Required?

The machine has two variations, 110 and 220 volts compatible. It does not support dual voltage (yet.)

What Material is it Made Up of?

The device is made up of a plastic exterior, while the tool is constructed with medical grade stainless steel. Hence, you need not worry about rusting with Sonic Soak.

Does it Have a Timer?

Yes. You can set the timer (which is in seconds) and it will automatically turn off once it reaches the time limit, so you can do other things meanwhile.

How Much Clothing Can I Wash at a Time?

Sonic Soak is designed to wash up to two kgs of clothes at a time. So it is not ideal to wash a lot of stuff in one go.


With the world advancing in technology and gadgets getting smaller and smarter, Sonic Soak is a revolutionary product that solves washing issues that we so often face in our everyday lives. You don't need to replace your washing machine with this, but it can be a useful addition to your gadgets for cleaning other things as well.

Most importantly, not only can it be used in your daily life, but it is very helpful during traveling, as mentioned above. Keep it in the smallest of carry-ons and wash your clothes while on the go! And the best thing? You just need water and a container (even a plastic bag will work!) and you're good to go.

So if you want to make a smart choice and make camping or holiday trips easier, get your hands on this travel washing machine. You won't regret it.