Ultrasonic Vegetable Washer - Does it help?

Ultrasonic Vegetable and Fruits Washer - Does it help?

Okay! Who doesn’t want to live a healthier and happier lifestyle? - I guess no one.

So you might agree with me that health is the most important concern for everyone. But do you know that most of the fruit and vegetable we consume are contaminated with unknown pathogens, artificial waxes and harmful chemicals which comes from pesticides and negligence manhandling? - Remember the saying “We are what we eat!”

One good way to reduce the chances of ingesting harmful substances and live a healthier lifestyle is to clean your vegetables and fruits before consuming them. You can achieve this without stress by using an ultrasonic vegetable washer like Sonic Soak. But does it really help?

    What Is The Ultrasonic Fruits and Vegetable Washer Made Of?

    There are different types of ultrasonic vegetable cleaner on the market. The design and built varies with manufacturer. For example:

    There is the Sonic Soak that provides more than 45,000 ultrasonic vibrations per second to clean deeper. It is quiet and ultra-gentle making it perfect for washing delicate items such as lingerie, cashmere, and silk. The vegetable washer is built to be portable, measuring only 4.5 inches. The size makes it perfect to take along when traveling. It helps to take care of your laundry, and that is why it is regarded as the smallest ultrasonic portable washing machine in the world. The device is constructed with medical grade, high-quality stainless steel which makes it possible to serve you a lifetime.

    On the other hand, we have another type and design such as the 12.8L Home Use Ultrasonic Vegetable Washer. Unlike the Sonic Soaks, this type has 12.8 liters capacity which allows you to clean household items with bigger sizes. It comes with three functional modes which include cutlery mode, vegetable and fruit mode, and meat/fish mode. The washer features leakage protection, safe waterproof, digital display, and drainage function. Additionally, the washer has a separation board that ensures electricity and water separation.

    What Is the Working Principle?

    The ultrasonic vegetable washer uses reactive oxygen and ultrasonic principle to remove more than 99% of dirt, dust, grime and agricultural chemicals from vegetables and fruits effectively and easily. Also, the vegetable washer uses the ozone to eliminate germs, viruses, odors, chlorine and other chemicals from fruits, vegetables, baby toys, kitchenware and much more. It is fully automatic and consumes less energy.

     The dual action of the ultrasonic wave and ozone ensures that the washing and cleaning of the vegetables and fruits are hassle-free, fast, and very effective.

    Additionally, the appliance uses a silent vibration technique which provides a silent operation so that you don’t disturb your neighbors or roommates. The vibration of the ultrasonic vegetable washer does not splash water.

    With the washer coated with germ-killing nanosilver which generates an O3 bacterial will be eliminated from your kitchenware, tableware, veggies, and fruits. The dual action of the ultrasonic wave and ozone ensures that the washing and cleaning of the vegetables and fruits are hassle-free, fast, and very effective.

    What Ultrasonic Technology Is Used By Fruit and Vegetable Washers?

    Ultrasonic washers use ultrasound technology which is an oscillating sound pressure wave which operates at a frequency above the upper audible limit of human hearing. Most times the washer operates in a frequency ranging from 20 kHz to 400 kHz. Once the device is plugged to a power outlet and switched on, a transducer generates ultrasound which produces ultrasonic waves by changing size in agreement with an electronic signal.

     The oscillating sound pressure wave creates many microscopic vacuum bubbles that attack, kill or remove all germs, bacteria, dirt and other contaminants on vegetables and fruits.

    The powerful sound pressure waves result in thousands of minuscule compression waves in the water. This tears the water apart and brings about a process known as cavitation, which creates millions of microscopic vacuum bubbles. It is the bubbles that clean and washes your fruits, vegetables, and other household items. The technology has been around for years, and it has been used in industrial and medical applications for powerful and efficacious cleaning. 

    Is The Ultrasonic Vegetable Washer Applicable In Other Areas?

    The application of the fruits and vegetable washer is not limited to veggies and fruits. Some other things you can use the washer for are:

    Wash kitchenware and tableware – the appliance can be used to disinfect spoons, plates, cutleries, folk, knife, chopping boards, chopper blades, scissors, and other kitchenware. It helps to bring back the original color of your utensils and dishes.

    Meat and chicken washing – You can wash your meats and chicken with the vegetable washer to remove pathogens that are harmful to your health. Some of the pathogens it removes are E-Coli, Campylobacter, Enterococcus, Staphylococcus aureus, Klebsiella, and Salmonella.

    To wash sea produce – sea produce such as fish can be a host for a lot of unknown bacteria and warms. Using the washer kills and removes them through effective cleaning and sterilization.

    Personal cares and accessories – you can use it to clean your toothbrush, makeup brush, and razors as it efficaciously eliminates germs and bacteria from them.

    Kid toys and baby products – Keeps the binkies, toys and bottles bacterial-free

    Other items – This includes Eyeglasses, jewelry, watches, shavers, rings, small machine parts and much more.

    How to Use a Fruit and Vegetable Washer?

    How to operate or use an ultrasonic vegetable washer varies with the type you go for or have. The way you will operate a Sonic Soak is different from the way you will operate other washers even though they use the same principle. For a Sonic Soak:

    • Look for a bowl and fill it with water. You can also use the sink

    • Plug the device in the wall unit

    • Put the Sonic Soak and your dirty veggies, fruits, and other items inside the sink or bowl filled with water

    • Set the timer which can vary depending on the time you want per cycle and press start. Then watch the device do it job.

    But most of the other ultrasonic vegetable washer works differently. They have a cleaning chamber and washing basket with a removable cover that allows you to wash and clean lots of vegetables and fruits at the same time. Your veggies and fruits will be inserted into the chamber filled with water.

    The basket can be removed and put inside a sink for use. After washing the items, you can drain the water through the drainer, so you don’t need to remove your items before draining the water.

    Using this type also allows you to switch between modes when washing different items.

    Generally, the cleaning can last between 3 to 30 minutes depending on the items been cleaned and the efficiency of the transducer. However, most cycles range anywhere from 3 to 6 minutes.

    Why Do You Need An Ultrasonic Fruit and Vegetable Washer?

    Since you were a kid, you have probably been washing vegetables and fruits under the faucet. With all the warnings to avoid consuming fruits and veggies without washing due to the outbreak of E.coli that has occurred in some part of the world, it is no longer mum’s or dad’s instruction. It is now an important thing to do for you to live a healthy lifestyle.

    Some fruits and vegetable grow inside the soil where they come in contact with different bacteria which can be present in organic fertilizers, dropping of animals that go into the field, and water used for irrigation. Also, the edibles can be contaminated with germs and dirt. This means consuming them raw without washing can pass the germs, bacteria, and dirt into your body and this can take a toll on your overall health. In fact, you are encouraged to wash your hands after handling raw foods.

     Vegetables and fruits come in contact with germs, bacteria, and other harmful chemicals while growing and during harvest. The ultrasonic vegetable washer can get rid of the contaminants faster and more conveniently.  

    Due to the harmful effect of the germs, bacteria, and dirt, proper gentle washing and cleaning of the veggies and fruit are important before cooking. Making use of an ultrasonic vegetable washer will offer you an automatic and hassle-free fruits and veggie cleaning function which will help save your time.

    No doubt, washing with your hands takes a lot of time but ultrasonic vegetable washers work efficiently with fruits and veggies to make them healthy within a few minutes. Also, it does not cause pollution making the machine environmental friendly. Generally, the ultrasonic cleaner for foods is a time saver machine and protector that provides you with quick and healthy cleaning of veggies and fruits in the kitchen.

    How to Pick an Ultrasonic Cleaner

    Making an important purchasing decision involves careful thoughts. Any significant purchase such as the ultrasonic vegetable washer requires balancing “nice to have” with “needs.” Here are the most important factors you need to consider before hitting the market to buy.

    Tank dimension and basket size– the size and amount of items you will be washing should determine the take size your ultrasonic vegetable cleaner will have. Go for an ultrasonic cleaner that will accommodate them. Ensure you take the working depth of the water into consideration when determining this.

    Frequency – most of the ultrasonic cleaning equipment operates from 35 – 45 kHz. In recent years, there have been advances in ultrasonic cleaning. Manufacturers now focus on creating a range of frequencies because the cleaning properties vary with the frequency. If you are cleaning a durable item that needs more power, you need to go for a machine with lower frequency. But if you’re cleaning a very delicate item such as fruits and veggies, you need an ultrasonic vegetable washer that can operate in higher frequency at about 130 kHz.

    Mode switch – consider going for an ultrasonic cleaning machine that allows you to switch between modes. For example, models that have sweep mode will offer efficient cleaning for delicate items that require precision cleaning.

    Overall size – This depends on how often you will need the vegetable cleaner. If you are a frequent traveler that wishes to take your cleaning tool with you always, then you will need a portable ultrasound machine. On the other hand, if you need it inside your kitchen, you need to go for ultrasonic cleaning equipment with a larger size.

    Now that you know about ultrasonic cleaners, you might still be asking if they really work.

    Does It Help?

    From my experience, I can tell you that yes, it really does. The ultrasonic cleaning tool such as Sonic Soak has been used for many years in an industrial and medical application, and it has proven to offer cleaning results for fruit and vegetable wash that are unparalleled. Scientific research and reviews from users have also proven that the vegetable purifier really helps to remove germs, dirt, bacteria, and other harmful substances from fruits, veggies, and other items.

    In conclusion, you might need to get one of the best ultrasonic cleaners on the market and try it out, to see if it really does help. Remember that cleaning and washing your fruits, veggies, household items, and more can make you and your family live a healthy lifestyle.


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