How to Wash Your Clothes Without a Washing Machine?

How to Wash Clothes Without a Washer?

Ever wondered how people used to wash their clothes before the invention of washing machines? What if your machine breaks down, and you do not have the resources to repair it or purchase a new one? The answer to all your questions can be found in this article. We have discussed multiple ways of washing clothes, from using your hands to using an ultrasonic clothes cleaner, like the Sonic Soak.

We all agree that washing machines can be life-saving. But there are instances when we just cannot use them. Maybe you have a small apartment, maybe you live in an RV, you might be going for a very long trip, or maybe you cannot afford to purchase one right now. If you fit any of these bills, you might find our article very helpful.

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How to Wash Your Clothes Without a Washing Machine?

Although it is quite tedious to wash your clothes by hand, this method has been used for generations. Long before you had any washing machines, people used to wash their clothes by the river and beat them with rocks and batons to clean them.

However, you do not need to do so now. With water supply and detergents, you can get even the toughest stains out by just using a light brush. So how do we go about it? Follow the listed steps to learn how to hand-wash clothes in no time.

1. Prep Your Clothes

This step includes gathering all your dirty laundry and then separating them into whites and colored clothing. Since dyed clothes can bleed their color, there is always the risk of staining your light-colored clothes, even with hand wash. Along with this, separate delicate clothing like silk, lace, wool, and cashmere, and make sure to wash them apart. 

Prep Your Clothes

Shake out your clothes to remove maximum dust, dirt, and debris. This reduces the amount of detergent that you go through.

2. Soak Your Clothes

Find a large plastic tub or bucket to soak your clothes in. If you cannot find any at your disposal, you can always use our sink or bathtub. Next, spread out your clothes, making sure not to place too many clothes in one container. The more clothes, the harder it will be to wash them.

Soaking your clothes will help loosen up the dirt and dissolve fatty stains. Also, it helps soften your clothes, allowing you to use minimum force and prevent damaging them. Moreover, make sure not to soak your laundry for too long, or it might ruin the fabric.

3. Wash Your Clothes 

In the case of colored stains on your clothes, rub some stain remover wherever the stain is, and let it sit for around five minutes. If you do not have a stain cleaning product, use soap instead.

Next, fill the bucket with lukewarm or tap water until it is about two inches above the laundry. Use hot water only in the case of serious staining or heavy clothes. Unlike hot water, cooler one will not increase the chance of color bleeding.

After this, add your laundry detergent as per the instructions on the back of the packet. Remember to wear gloves if you have sensitive skin that can get irritated by the detergent. To clean your clothes efficiently, take the clothing article between your hands and rub them back and forth against each other quickly.

In the case of heavy clothes or deeper stains, place the item on a flat surface and gently scrub it with a brush. This will remove the stain and clean your clothes well.

Since using your hands can get tiring, you can always use an agitator, like a plunger, to move your clothes in the water. Press your clothes with the plunger against the sides for at least a few minutes. Next, leave them soaked for 20 minutes or more.

4. Rinse Your Clothes 

Next, empty the dirty soapy water from the tub and fill it with clean, cool water. Move the clothes with your plunger or hands while pressing them to remove detergent from the fabric. Again, drain the water and fill the tub with clean water. Continue to do so until all the soap has been removed. Besides this, you can rinse your clothes in running water under a tap. 

5. Dry Your Clothes

Dry Your Clothes  

The next step involves drying your clothes. Since we cannot use a dryer, wring or twist the clothing in your hands to remove excess water. Or if you have a manually-cranking wringer, use it to help you out.

Then, take your damp clothes and hang them on a drying line to air-dry under the sun. It will only take a few hours for your clothes to completely dry off. Make sure to spread your clothes evenly and not leave them under the sun for too long, preventing the color from fading.

Why are Ultrasonic Clothes Cleaner a Good Solution?

With advancements in technology, brands are incorporating smarter innovations into our daily lives. Such that, you will find ultrasonic clothes cleaners that use ultrasonic waves to clean your clothes. Not only are they small, but they also clean much faster and more efficiently than standard washing machines. Should we mention that they are cheaper as well? - oh yeah!

The best ultrasonic cleaner is, undoubtedly, the Sonic Soak. So let’s take a close look at its multiple features.

Sonic Soak was founded in 2016 in Los Angeles, US. They aim to make lives much more hygienic and clean by using ultrasonic technology in regular cleaning tasks.

Ultrasonic Clothes Cleaner

1- Versatility

While most ultrasonic clothes cleaners are used only for laundry, the best ultrasonic cleaner, Sonic Soak, can be used for multiple other objects. Such that it can be utilized for cleaning food items, like fruits and vegetables, food utensils, silverware, and even baby products. Moreover, you can even clean your kid’s toys and your jewelry to wash off its dullness.

This ultrasonic clothes cleaner washes off dirt, stains, and even germs at a microscopic level without causing tears and wears in your objects.

2- Eco-Friendly

The best ultrasonic cleaner is not only eco-friendly, but its energy-efficient operation will save you a lot of money. Sonic Soak uses 40 times less water and 15 times less energy, requiring just 50W of power to function. It is quite suitable for eco-conscious people who want to prevent the rapid decline in natural resources.

3- Portability

Measuring just five inches and a few pounds, Sonic Soak is one of the most portable washers and mini washing machines in the market. Moreover, it is quite light-weight and can be packed into a small pouch. Thus, you can easily carry it with you on trips or use it in your small apartment or dorms.

4- Ease-of-Use

Being one of the best ultrasonic clothes cleaners, Sonic Soak will ease your troubles so that you can relax while it cleans your clothes for you. Just fill water in a container, add your dirty clothes along with your preferred detergent, and then, plug it in on a wall socket. Next, just place your Sonic Soak in the container.

After this, you have to set the timer and wait as the ultrasonic waves with a frequency of 50000Hz deeply


In the case where you do not want to purchase a laundry machine, maybe due to a low budget or a smaller apartment, you can always find alternatives to washing your clothes, like an ultrasonic clothes cleaner.

As discussed above in our article, there are multiple ways to clean your clothes efficiently. Hopefully, we have eased all your worries, and now, you can wash your dirty laundry without any issues.

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