Why Ultrasonic Cleaners Are the Safest Cleaning Tools for Your Baby Gears

Why Ultrasonic Cleaners Are the Safest Cleaning Tools for Your Baby Gears

When my daughter was a baby, she was adventurous; always exploring her environment by tasting and touching every toy in her room. Then I realized that this could take a toll on her health because she can easily pick up germs and illness. So I began to ask myself, what cleaning tool is safe to clean my baby’s gears?

As a mother, looking to ensure their baby lives a healthy life, you may be asking the same question. I came across a baby safe cleaner, and I think it is the answer to our question.

Ultrasonic cleaners such as the Sonic Soak are the safest cleaning tool that you can use without worrying about any side effect on your kids. Read further to find out why they are the best.

Why Do You Need To Clean Your Baby’s Gears?

Even though toddlers and infants are so adorable and wonderful, they are known to be magnets for germs. They touch everything in their environment, put their hand inside the mouth, and touch the items again. Many kids even put the items in their mouth, drop it on the ground, and still pick the toys up again. All this process means your kids are always having contact with germs, bacteria, and other contaminants.

According to research, toys are the most vulnerable to contaminants. They are a great channel for viral disease transmission among kids. Also, a study finds out that more than 25 percent of sippy cups have fecal bacterium growth.

We are in a germy world but using a baby safe cleaner can help reduce the germs and their risk on your kids!

Even though some germs are good as they help babies build their immune system, some germs and contaminants on your baby gears can make her/him fall sick. Do you know what sick children do?

They keep you off work and can also be a big problem for society. But when you use a safe cleaning tool to wash, clean, and disinfect the gears of your kid, you will be creating a safe environment for them. This will, in turn, keep the baby healthy.

Which Cleaning Tool Is Safe to Use for My Kid’s Gears?

Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

 When you check the Internet for the top baby safe cleaners to use for your baby, you will get lots of results and suggestions from different brands and persons. “Natural” is a catchall term that most of the brands use. But do you know that this team can be misleading?

Most of the so-called natural cleaning tools are often combined with toxins and synthetics. There are some that will even hold back some of the ingredients they used so you would think they are truly natural. No doubt, there are some safe cleaning products you can get in the market, but there is one that we found out to be the safest cleaning tool. It is the ultrasonic cleaner. So, why and how are they the safest?

Why Ultrasonic Cleaners Are the Safest Baby Gears Cleaning Tool

Ultrasonic cleaners

Other cleaning methods


Remove and kill more than 99.9% of bacteria and contaminants

May get rid of contaminants to a few percentages ( about 80%), but the chance of killing bacteria is narrow

Cleans hard to reach parts

May not be effective for hidden areas of baby items

You may not need to disassemble toys before cleaning

You must disassemble baby gears before cleaning

Gentle and do not go hard on items

May go hard on items and cause scratch or damage

Can help clean almost anything in your home

They have specific items they clean

Washes multiple items at a time

 They often require cleaning one item after another

Save money on water and energy bills

Other methods may require more water and energy


1. Ultrasonic cleaners reduce contaminants greatly

When your kid’s gears are dirty, you probably wash them in dishwashers, washing machines, under running water, or scrub them. Have you ever wondered if you have been able to get rid of most of the harmful germs on your baby’s toys?

The truth is that using all these cleaning tools does not guarantee that you will be able to remove a larger percentage of the contaminants.

To burst your bubble, do you know that one out of four washing machines contains a significant amount of fecal bacteria that can adhere to baby’s gear even after washing? What if the machine you are using to wash your baby’s laundry and toys is the one with fecal bacteria? You can never be so sure it isn’t. This means whether you wash the toys or not; contaminants may still cling on the gears.

 Traditional cleaning methods may not reduce or kill a significant percentage of bacterial and other contaminants, but the ultrasonic cleaners get rid of more than 99.9% of germs and contaminants.

The story is different with ultrasonic cleaners such as sonic soak. According to many studies, they are known to reduce and even kill more than 99.9 percent of bacteria and contaminants on an item. Unlike other cleaning tools, ultrasonic cleaners don’t allow contaminants to cling on toys, clothes, and other baby products after washing or cleaning them. The baby-safe cleaner uses ultrasonic technology to clean deeper and at the microscopic level.

2. They eliminate dirt and contaminants from the toy’s hidden areas

Most of the gears with hidden areas tend to house contaminants such as bacteria and dirt for long without you noticing. Even if you wash them with the safe and natural product you have at home, you may not be able to get rid of the contaminants, especially in the most hidden parts. It means after washing and cleaning them; your baby can still come in contact with the contaminants.

 Most cleaning methods eliminate contaminants from the easy to reach areas only, but the ultrasonic cleaners like sonic soak get rid of contaminants from both easy and difficult to reach areas.

As for the ultrasonic cleaners, they work on the areas that are easy to reach and the parts that are difficult to reach. It means they won’t leave any stone unturned. The cavitation processes of the ultrasonic cleaners reach the parts that are extremely difficult to wash and clean with other cleaning methods.

3. You don’t need to disassemble all the toys

If you want to wash your kid’s gears in a dishwasher or by hand under running water, you may have to disassemble the toys to get every part washed and cleaned thoroughly. This can be stressful as you will have to assemble them again, and if reassembling the gear is tricky, you may get frustrated. Not only that, the toy might even get damaged in the process.

As for the baby safe cleaner like the ultrasonic cleaners, you don’t need to disassemble all the toys before you get them cleaned. All you need is to drop them in the ultrasonic cleaning machine tank or the sink if you are using Sonic Soak and watch the cleaning tools do their job. This reduces stress and even the risk of damage.

4. Ultrasonic cleaners give items gentle cleaning

Oh! These contaminants are proving stubborn; I can’t remove them easily, let me get a knife or hard sponge to get rid of them. We have all been there, but we know the result. We ended up damaging the item and leaving them with scratches. The ultrasonic cleaners do their cleaning in a gentle way that you might not even notice they are working.

 Other cleaning methods can scratch and cause damage to your baby’s gears, but ultrasonic cleaners clean them gently without leaving a scratch.

No matter how stubborn a contaminant is, you don’t need to soak them in water before you wash them with ultrasonic cleaning machines. The bubbles from the cavitation process will attack every single contaminant immediately the cleaning tool start working.

With the ultrasonic cleaners like Sonic Soak, you won’t see a scratch on your baby’s item. Also, the most delicate toys can be safely cleaned without any damage happening to them.

5. Topnotch in the world of eco-friendly products

Many of the cleaning methods that people use contribute to environmental issues. Most of these cleaning methods rely on toxic, harsh chemical and solvents, requires extended or repeated wash cycles, and even use a lot of water, heat, and electricity. It means the methods and tools are not making the environment safe for you and your baby.

 With ultrasonic cleaners, no noise, no harsh chemicals, no extra charge on water and energy bills, and no extended and repeated wash cycle.

Ultrasonic cleaners don’t feature harsh or toxic chemicals that can harm your kids or you. Also, you don’t need to repeat and extend wash cycles to get the toys or gears washed and cleaned. Additionally, the ultrasonic cleaning machines will put a smile on your face when you receive your water and energy bill at the end of the month. Sonic Soak, one of the best portable ultrasonic cleaners around ensure you use 15-times less energy and 40-times less water than other cleaning methods. Also, they don’t make noise. Your baby can sleep in peace while you knock out all the contaminants on his toys and other items.

6. They put an end to many hours of cleaning

Picking your baby items one after another to wash them can be stressful and frustrating. Imagine having tons of baby laundry to do, baby toys to wash, and other baby items to clean. How long do you think all that is going to take you? How easy do you think the task can be when you have a hectic day at work already? No, it’s not going to be easy. However, ultrasonic cleaners fill the vacuum gallantly and perfectly.

You can wash and clean more than one toy at a time. All you need is to ensure that you don’t put a lot of item at a go. Depending on the size of the ultrasonic cleaner’s tank, you can clean more than four items at a time. If you are using a Sonic Soak, you have the opportunity to wash multiple (about ten items if not more). The bigger the container and tank you use the higher the amount of the item you can wash. It means you will be able to save time.

7. They are versatile

This cleaning tool is not only a baby safe cleaner; it is also safe for the entire family. You can multitask with it. After using the ultrasonic cleaner to clean your kid’s items, you can also use it to wash your clothes, jewelry, food items such as veggies and fruits, kitchenware, and more.

Final Words


By now, we assume you know why the ultrasonic cleaners are the safest cleaning tools for your baby.

If you want to enjoy the full benefits of the cleaning tool, you need to find the right ultrasonic cleaning machine for you. With the best ultrasonic cleaners in the market, you can’t go wrong. You can rest knowing your baby is safe.

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