Sonic Soak- a Lifesaver of International Students

Sonic Soak- a Lifesaver of International Students

Being an international student is not easy. You have to tackle multiple tasks all together, for example, studying, cooking, preparing for the exams, and doing your laundry.

Most of the time, we hear students complaining about cooking and laundry chores since it is time-consuming, especially during mid-terms and final exams. International students  are a group of people who have those skills of adjusting to the new environment that all of us would like to have. May them be both students staying at the university dormitories and students renting private flats with one or more people.

Doing your laundry in a place where, sometimes 3, sometimes more that 100, people are also doing can be not a very pleasing feeling. Many international students using the same washing machine for their cloth as other students complain on the fact that washing machines are always dirty, there is always a long queue to book a machine for a single wash and you need to book your schedule far before your needed time. Also, it costs quite a lot to pay separately for washing and then drying your cloth.

When it comes to the students sharing private flats with their mates, often students’ disappointments come when their mates being grubby, or if a person simply does not feel comfortable sharing the same washing machine when more than one person uses it.

In either of those cases, we have an absolute solution to you! Sonic Soak is an ultrasonic portable washing machine. Why a student, sometimes being on a tight budget, should spend money on this machine?

  • Let’s start with its optional usage. You will no longer need to pay the fee for both washing and drying your cloth each time you do your laundry. Instead, you purchase this portable washing machine and use it whenever, and for how long you want to.
  • Secondly, the very crucial fact, that it prevents you from catching any kind of bacteria and diseases. Sonic Soak may clean everything and since it is an eco-friendly washing machine that uses 40x less water and 15x less energy it will not damage any piece of your cloth or yourself. Its bacteria elimination rate is 99.9%.
  • For students who are also working full or part time (you can find lots of student job opportunites here on Jooble), it will not take much time in usage since it its usage is very simple and involves only 4 steps to take which you can read and watch on the webpage. Its usage is not limited only to the cloth washing, you can use this device to clean fruits, vegetables, and even silverware which is super handy for students.
  • This portable machine is very light and easy to carry with you in case you are going on travel, study visits, academic trips or going back to your home country.

Do not miss your chance of purchasing this amazing eco-friendly portable machine and make your student life less stressful and concerned.

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