Most Useful Home Cleaning Tools Everyone Should Own

Most Useful Home Cleaning Tools Everyone Should Own

Quite a lot of activities can lead to dirt piling up in the home. Cleaning dirt or dust in your home can be quite strenuous and time-consuming, especially when you use old cleaning tools.

To make your home cleaning stress-free, you should consider using modern tools like the well-known Sonic Soak that is extremely convenient and so eco-friendly!

Check below for the useful home cleaning tools everyone should own.

Sonic Soak

No Cleaning task appears as painstaking as washing wears, clothing and other accessories in the home. Most times, the mechanistic way of scrubbing hard on most of this materials usually devalue them (all in the name of cleaning). With an ultrasonic cleaner such as the Sonic Soak, you get to keep your items (especially clothes) neat while still maintaining its durability.

The Sonic Soak is a portable ultrasonic cleaning device which consists of a wall unit and a cylindrical steel device. Its portability stems from the fact that it has size dimensions around 4.13 x 1.38 inches. The stainless steel device (which I must say looks like a medical device) delivers the ultrasonic power of 50,000 vibrations per second (which appears as air bubbles) to clean your tangible items. At this rate of Vibration, the ultrasonic cleaner cleans off dust and dirt from the items being washed even at a microscopic level. Being constructed out of stainless steel makes it look durable and prevents rust that may result from contact with moisture. 

This home cleaning tool comes with a USB port with which you can run to a wall outlet to power it on. The wall outlet of this ultrasonic cleaning machine has a timer function. This timer allows you to set the wash time duration for the ultrasonic device. Maximize the power of the Sonic soak today to clean home items such as Pieces of jewelry, toys, silverware, Baby items, Brushes and so on. Using this device involves getting a bucket or bowl filled with water, adding a little quantity of detergent, placing the ultrasonic device and connecting it to a power outlet.


  • Uses ultrasonic technology to remove dirt and bacterial even at a microscopic level.
  • The timer on the wall unit is automatic as it can shut off on its own. 
  • It can clean any product that appears impossible to clean.
  • It performs its cleaning action without noise disturbance
  • Due to its portability, it is quite mobile.
  • It is extremely durable as it comes with a stainless steel material construction. 


  •  It is not recommended for heavy items

iRobot Braava Jet superior Robot mop

Need a home cleaning tool that can clean hard floors and hard to reach places in your home? Then the iRobot Braava Jet Superior Robot mop is here to the rescue. The iRobot Braava is quite a portable and an easy to use cleaning tool for the home with a size dimension 6.7 x 7 x 3.3 inches and weight of 11.2 pounds. This home cleaning tool is a dual purpose type of home cleaner that can help you to either sweep or mop.

It features a Precision Jet spray and a vibrating cleaning head which is capable of clearing out dust and dirt from floor surfaces. The precision Jet sprays either sprays the right quantity of water or none depending on the cleaning mood of your device. It features a water reservoir/ tank revealed once you open up the handle. With the water tank, you can fill up to 150 mL of water for your home cleaning.

Making use of this device for home cleaning is easy as it comes with 3 set of detachable pads that determines the cleaning modes of the iRobot Braava. The Cleaning modes are the dry sweeping, moist sweeping and wet mopping. Your device is able to select in between the modes based on a paper cut design on the pads detectable by the cleaning machine.

Powering this device comes with the use of a removable Lithium rechargeable battery. This lithium battery can last up to 3 hours, and it requires 2 hours of charging time. It comes out of the box with a maximized edge design that helps in cleaning different corners and even at tight areas. It also features an iAdapt 2.0 navigation system that allows for a fast and efficient cleaning pattern around a set area for cleaning.


  • It features an efficient mopping pattern.
  • The jet spray feature sprays the right amount of water that doesn’t make the floor marshy.
  • Does not require the use of a wired connection.
  • Works with silent operation.
  • It can clean hardwood floors efficiently.


  •  Limited to small areas.
  • The pads are quite expensive and need constant replacement.

Dolphin Nautilus Automatic Robot Pool Cleaner

Got a pool that needs constant cleaning? Then leave it to Dolphin Nautilus Automatic Robot Pool cleaner to do the perfect Job for you. This is one of the most effective cleaning tools you can use for your home swimming pool. It comes with size dimensions 20 x 24 x 20 inches and weighs 34.5 pounds. This Cleaning home gadget does not require installation as it does not need any tools or hoses for set-up. The Pool cleaning tool comes with a capacity able to clean up to 50 feet of the in-ground swimming pool. It was ergonomically designed with dual scrubbing brushes that help remove twice its cleaning power of the dirt from your swimming pools.

Using this useful home cleaning tool is easy as it comes with an anti-tangle swivel that prevents any form of hindrance from its wiring while the machine is at work. When you want to use this cleaning tool for homes, plug to a power supply and press a play button on the home cleaning tool. Once, propelled into action, this home cleaner automatically and efficiently cleans up your pool system. It features an easy to clean cartridge filter that offers the optimal cleaning of dirt and dust from a wall or floor surface.

The Navigation pattern of this pool occurs at a well-regularized pattern as it comes with a Clever Clean technology which firstly scans your pool and systematically detects locations with dirt. Enjoy an 8x efficiency as it comes with less suction which could consume more energy. Indeed a home cleaning tool such as the Dolphin Nautilus Automatic Robot Pool cleaner can be useful, and everyone should have it. 


  • This tool is suited for cleaning walls and irregular surfaces 
  • It performs its operation with minimal noise disturbance
  • It is super-efficient in cleaning
  • It requires no pre-installation


  • It is a heavyweight home cleaning tool
  • Some replaceable components are quite expensive

Mc Culloch MC 1385 Deluxe Canister steam system

The Mc Culloch MC 1385 Deluxe Canister steam system is a multi-purpose steam cleaner effective for both mopping and cleaning. It basically cleans and mops your home thoroughly. The Mc Culloch is quite a useful home cleaning tool that makes use of ordinary water heated up to 200oF and is effectively used for the toughest cleaning jobs. With a rugged steam system like this, you get to clean floors within or outside your homes.

Being one of the best steam cleaners, it boasts of superior features such a variable steam control which helps to set the magnitude of heat based on the type of stain you need to clean. This cleaning tool features a water tank that can accommodate up to 64 ounces of water which supplies enough water for cleaning. Never worry about finding the right power outlet as this home cleaning tool features an 18-foot long power cord to help power the cleaning gadget. Choose a varying surface to clean as the home cleaning system comes with 23 steam cleaning attachments.

Steam your hard tiled floors, lawn furniture, appliances and grout at a steady pace due to the presence of an ergonomically designed long steam Hose. To make your cleaning complete, this steam cleaner comes with onboard storage in which you can store other cleaning items such as detergents. This cleaning gadget comes with more capacity to clean as it can deliver up to 120 minutes of continuous steam.


  • It comes with a long power cord that can make cleaning even at long distances possible
  • It heats up water within a few minutes and can run for 120 minutes.
  • Comes with 23 steam cleaning attachments that make it a multi-purpose cleaner.


  • Water cannot reach the gadget’s maximum capacity.

Fluidmaster 8100 Flush and Sparkle Automatic Toilet bowl

Having a toilet system with ugly stains can be quite annoying. Cleaning these stains could be quite strenuous and energy consuming. With a useful home cleaning tool like the Fluidmaster 8100 Flush ‘n’ sparkle Automatic toilet bowl, you could eliminate all hassles and work that comes with cleaning your toilet system.

This home cleaning tool features a Cartridge holder in which a cartridge containing a blue cleaning solution is placed. The Cartridge holder features a valve that consists of an existing tube and a clip fastener. The Clip fastener helps attach the existing tube to the top of the overflow pipe so that water from the existing tube (which has been allowed to flow through the cartridge) is directed through overflow pipe when flushing.


  • Automatically cleans your toilet on every flush.
  • Easy to install.


  • The cartridge needs to be constantly replaced every three months.

Frequently Asked Questions about Home Cleaning Tools

1. What are Cleaning tools?

They are a variety of tools and products that comes with its mechanical principle and technology to help meet a cleaning need around one’s vicinity. They effectively promote hygiene all around one’s vicinity.

2. Does Sonic Soak really work?

Oh yes! The Sonic soak really works well in cleaning dirt and dust from home items by using modulated ultrasonic waves to clean.

3. What items can I use Sonic Soak to clean?

Apart from cleaning cloths and wears, sonic Soak can be used to clean other items in your home such as Jewelries, dishes, toothbrush, baby items, fruits and veggies, dusters and so on in the harm. Also with a little quantity of soap and water, you can use this home cleaning tool to wash your hands.

4. How can I maintain my home cleaning tools?

Maintaining your home cleaning tools is quite important as it contributes to its longevity and makes it work effectively. Maintaining your home cleaning tools requires that you always clean after use, ensure it’s dried after use and store in a cool, dry place.

Which Home Cleaning Tool Work Best?

Every cleaning tool itemized and reviewed in this post works best for their intended use. Their use in the home helps reduce the painstaking process of cleaning the home. However, there is a useful home cleaning tool among the ones mentioned above that put an icing on the cake. It is the Sonic Soak. This best most useful home cleaning tool does not require an extra hand as it can effectively clean home accessories such as jewelry, kitchen dishes, laundries, kitchenware, fruits, vegetables, food items, and other items with the use of Ultrasonic technology. It cleans home valuables effectively and saves on money and time. Getting one of the useful home cleaning tools available on the market will indeed prove to be helpful.

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